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Name Big Roc
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MessageHey what's up Blake I'm sad to say that I had to put Lucas to sleep two Saturdays ago he has gotten old and he finally got tired and we had to put him to sleep i just want to thank you for Our Lucas he's definitely going to be missed Lucas was 11yr 4mo's old that's a sad day for my family but we are looking forward to our nests French Mastiff I can't wait to get my next one please let me know about the litter please thanks bro you definitely have a good breed of French mastiff

NameCatherine & Ric
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MessageWe can't thank Dewon enough for our beautiful girl. He has given us the most amazing DDB. But it's not just our girl we want to thank him for. This man is a wonderful responsible breeder who loves his dogs. Any time we have a problem he is willing to help, with training, behavior, food issues you name it. He stands by his dogs and is devoted to improving the breed. I couldn't imagine my home without my girl and I'm thinking of adding a companion for her.

Namebig Roc
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MessageHey whats up Blake i just want to let you know how Luke is doing and he is doing really great he's 10yr old now and you couldn't tell that he's that old the way he still play and jump around like he's a puppy so I want to just wanted to let you know that he is fine and in good sprites thanks for a wonderful french mastiff

NameTerri Schuster
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MessageBlake's Star Dogues was and is a blessing to me like a shooting star seen in the night sky Dewon and his Star Dogues gave me back something dear to me I'd lost ! I could never Thank him enough for the joy and love he put back in my heart through a puppy named Ragnar ! I've had three de Bordeaux's and loved them all dearly but this last one was gift from God ! He came to me in a dream and the rest is Our history Ragnar is 7 months old weighs 95 lbs and is the love of my life .... Thank You from the bottom of my heart he truly is Ox's Son and it's was biblical seeing Ragnar and Judah rekindle their bond !

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MessageHad a chance to meet hooch in person at our training session for our mastiffi. My wife and I were amazed with the him. Probably one of the best De Bordeaux we have seen. And to think he is only 15 months old.

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MessageI can't thank you enough for my wonderful little girl Dutchess. She has filled a place in my heart and home. I couldn't have asked for a better match. She's smart, willing to please, and a quick learner. But like all puppies she likes to test her boundaries and see if she can be boss. I can't imagine life without her and love having her with us. We love watching her run around her yard and falling over when she trips. Again thank you so much. She will always be loved, spoiled and cherished. Thank you for trusting me with one of your babies.

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MessageDewon I met you through Caputo Animal Hospital. I love your dogs you breed beautiful animals. It's been a great pleasure meeting you and your dogs. You always have time to let me cuddle your babies. I can't wait for the change to get one or two of my own. Keep up the great work luv ya.

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Just wanted to say thank you for Hooch. He past his CGC today. Just under 10 months old and he is an impressive 115 lbs. with a great demeanor.

NamePhilip Young
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It was nice talking to you yesterday. Thank you for your time answering my questions. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures on the website and to meeting you in person in the next few weeks to see the dogs. Looks like a good time frame on the next set of pups for us.

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