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Type of CancerMast cell tumor
MessageOur beloved Otis is dealing with a large mast cell tumor. We believe the surgery is too risky due to his age (14yrs and 3mo). We are trying some alternative treatments mainly to support his immune system. Please pray that we can get the tumor to stop growing and that he doesn't suffer as he has been an incredible dear and sweet companion for us. Thank you so much.

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BreedCairn Terrier
Type of CancerLymphoma
MessageMy dog is taking a new drug called tanovea wondering if anyone out there has had success with this form of Chemo. He has just had his second treatment.

NameBeatris Ortiz
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BreedBorder Collie/Corgi mix
Type of CancerHemangiosarcoma
MessageHello. I respectfully ask that my beloved dog, Gizmo receive prayers for his current illness. We received his diagnosis on 5-10-19. This was something unexpected and it's been the most difficult news my husband and I have received regarding our pet. We have no children at this time and Gizmo is the closest thing we have to one. He's been with us since March 2011 and we hope and pray to have him for many many years to come. Thank you.

NameSamuel Rivela
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BreedPresa Canario Pittie Rescue Mix
Type of CancerOsteosarcoma
MessageSigh. My sweet soul dog was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. A boney lesion on his ulna was found on radiograph by accident. 14 days later, Sammy had a partial ulnectomy to remove the main tumor and confirm diagnosis. Round 2 of carboplatin chemotherapy was this past Tuesday, and we hope to start radiation in June to treat the microscopic cancer cells left behind in his right arm. It has been an emotional roller coaster and we are so thankful for every single day. Please pray for Samuel, for his healing, and for our family - including his sister Greta. She herself just recovered from a successful Mast Cell Tumor surgery and they have a tight, loving bond. Samuel is a patient, calm, playful, gentle giant and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. He so deserves a happy, pain-free existence. Thank you for helping to bless him with healing energy!

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BreedRescue Mix
StateNew York
Type of CancerMast Cell Tumor
MessageTruly one of the most gentle, incredible, and unbelieveably loving dogs. Please say a prayer for him that he does not suffer and that this is curable. Thank you so much

NameNatalie Santos
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BreedGiant Breed Mix
Type of CancerOsteocarcoma
MessagePlease pray for Buster, to help him through his pain, to ease that pain, to help us as his caregivers to know what is best for him, and to peacefully deliver him into God's arms when God calls him home. Thank you and God bless you

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BreedPitbull/Mastiff mix
Type of CancerHemangiosarcoma in his heart
MessageMy boy was diagnosed with cancer and very quickly faded. I tried to get him into chemo as quickly as possible, but his diagnosis came too late. There were no warning signs. 10 days after becoming sick, and 10 days before his 7th birthday, I lost my protector, rescuer, family, and best friend. I know he is looking down ib my from over the rainbow bridge, but my heart is shattered. Thank you for saying a prayer for my Ruger.

NameStephanie Forbes
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BreedMix..looks kind of like a dingo:)
Type of CancerMast Cell Tumour
MessageMy boy Freddy had a mast cell tumour removed early last May, unfortunately due to its location the vet was unable to get ideal margins on it.. it came back around Christmas time and have been going to the local university working with them on treating it with chemo therapy. His is classed as a high he 2. It unfortunately didn’t respond how they were hoping to vinblastine & Prednisone, so we have now switched him to a combination of palladia and prednisone. He just started this protocol this week.. if anyone could please I’d him to their prayer list it’d mean the world to me, he’s 11 now but still happy, fit, Wild, and entirely healthy otherwise so hoping we can beat this and he’s around a lot longer.. will buy one of the candles as soon as they’re available to light for him, and everyone else’s “babies”.

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BreedGreat pyrenees
Type of CancerLymphoma
MessageMelvin was just diagnosed with cancer last week and we are giving him prednisone for as long as he wants to be with us. We are appreciating everyday and spoiling him to pieces. He is 7 yrs old and we rescued him 15 months ago. He has the best smile and is such a love bug. Please pray for him to have a pain free journey and to let me know when it's time. Please pray that he knows and feels our love and appreciation for him and will never forget him.

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BreedSiberian Husky
Type of CancerLymphoma
MessagePlease say a prayer for my beautiful boy. He was diagnosed with lymphoma today. Pray for comfort for him and strength for me and our family. Chinook has been in our lives for the past 11 years. He is one of the most amazing dogs, loveable and social puppy you could ever meet. My heart is so broken.

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