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NameCo. Dr. Dennis Conn
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MessageHello Again Roger, Jim, Dianne & Staff:
Wow I just did a great review of all 250+ Shows on your Wonder of set of productions. It took me over 2 1/2 hours & I used Print Screen to get the show I want to purchase of your Shows to show to my Friends in the back of the Limo.
I never knew how busy all of you have been but now I know all the work & fun you have enjoyed.
Your shows will be mutually advantageous to all those who are lucky enough to watch them.
We are so proud of all the fun & efforts your lives have provided us.
Thanks Again as your efforts never go unnoticed.
Your lost Friend but now I am back.
Dennis Hugh Conn & Associates.
661-254-4040 Search IOUSA, @ Blockbusters, & U.S. Controller General Retired from 3 Presidents David Walker. DC Funding DC
smilie Bye for now! smilie

NameDelara Rasouli
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Messagesmilie Hi Roger and Jim,
Do you remember me from BHTV.
I miss you guys, how are you? and where are you?
Happy Halloween to you.
please email me.

[email protected]

NameCharles Allen
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MessageWhen is your show on the air in
Huntington West Virginia?

NameJustin from Tustin
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MessageI have been following the show since it was on Century cable. You have been at this a long time. What's your secret?

NameDianne Wohlleben
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MessageHi Guys:

Just a note to tell you it has been a pleasure
all these years to volunteer on your show!
Good luck with this new guestbook for 2008!


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