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NameShangri-La hotel :-)
DateOctober 8, 2009, 4: 06 am
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MessageGreat show tonight(like every night)! You made as happy...
i hope we can see each and spend time together...
anyway,HVALA or FALA
whatever you like it... smilie

DateOctober 2, 2009, 9: 01 am
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MessageHi Sarita,

Happy B-day to you. tido!

Josephine... =(

DateOctober 2, 2009, 6: 47 am
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Messagehi cheliza you are cheliza padilla for me i hope na naaalala mo pa ko isa ko sa mga dancers mo nung ini launch mo ung debut album mo n binobola ako po ung pinaka small at cute hehehehehe kamusta ka na nakakatuwa naman naalala ko pa kung papanu natin pinaghirapan yan mula sa presscon hangang sa mall show kasama mo kami im proud n nging part ako ng album mo sya nga pla dito n ku sa qatar nag wuwurk tinapos ku n ung dancing career ko naging jr, manouvres po ako at dancer ni jolens,and jeremiah sa mga mall show nila ng bastat ikaw album nila sana makuha ko ung friendster and ym mo para may communication pa rin tayu this my friendster janchen bernales ,i hope n mabasa mo ang message ko ingat ka plague im happy for you god bless

NameDr Siva
DateSeptember 29, 2009, 10: 14 am
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MessageHappy Birthday.
You are too far for me to celebrate with you.
Have a great party there.
Take care always.
Regards to Marlou and Selena

DateSeptember 16, 2009, 3: 54 pm
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I just got an invite from arthur about a possible photowalk with a group this weekend and he mentioned that they will have you as guest, a filipino photographer/singer/model!

I'm a filipino based in beijing too. Just wanted to say na meron ditong filipino photographers club na open obviously for pinoys lang and it is recognized by our Embassy. Saying that I would like to pass on an informal invitation for you to join. If youre interested just let me know for some details.




DateAugust 30, 2009, 12: 35 am
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MessageHey Sarita,
I know this is extremely random but I saw your port and love your work. I am traveling to Beijing this week and looking to do some shoots was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction. I am from New York and have experience. My email is I can shoot you some pics if nec.
Thank you

DateAugust 19, 2009, 2: 10 am
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MessageHello, It is a pity you guys are no longer at Sharilla KL I am currently visiting KL (18 August 09) and I was hoping that you guys are still there I went to visit tonight I was excited to see you there but to no avail. anyhow, I hope everything is going well with you guys all the very best. where is your gig now a days. Cheers, Tiger

NameRobert N. Nacion
DateAugust 2, 2009, 7: 10 pm
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Messagehey saritac your kuya rob is here haha.

para tuloy akong stalker neto.
hope everything's okay there in china.
take care always, godbless! smilie

NameJess Ica Yap
DateAugust 2, 2009, 4: 41 am
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MessageSarita, your website rocks! i love it! smilie smilie

i wish i could design as well as you! Anyways come back to KL! come back and the riot shall stop.. HAHAHA! Take care!

*hugs* smilie

DateJuly 16, 2009, 6: 25 am
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MessageHello Sarita ive been following you in twitter you'll be miss smilie Have a safe trip and take care always.Your friends , fans and i will be here waiting for you ! God Bless

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