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Private Message added 2016-07-27

NameYermiahuFrom Efrat, Israel
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Messagesmilie From Efrat, Israel nextdoor to Bethlehem. I'm a big fan od BlueGrass music for 55 years with about 800 youtube bluegrass videos , many are full albums.
Thank You for the wonderful music ! smilie

NameElias Irick
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MessageMy dad is an avid bluegrass enthusiast. He listens to this site ALL the time, and he is starting to win me over to it now too

-The Other Listener in Newport News, Virginia.

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MessageLove this station/website - whatever this is called! I was sad when it shut down a few weeks ago. During those dark days, I was forced to search elsewhere for my bluegrass needs and, sadly, found nothing else which was satisfactory. Then, on a whim, I tried this website again and the clouds parted, the sun shone brightly, and the bluegrass is again streaming loudly and clearly.

I want to encourage others out there to do as I have and email bluegrass associations and groups in your area and spread the word! They don't know about the bluegrass mix - and they MUST!

The One Listener from Newport News, Virginia

NameTeresa Jewell
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MessageThank you Bluegrass Mix for all the wonderful music you have given me for the last couple of years. You had the best DJs in the business. My heart is broken that you had to pull the plug on something that was so full of life. God Bless you all and you will always remain in my heart. I will honestly miss you guys. Long Live Bluegrass!

NameClancey Ferguson
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MessageLove everything that happens on the Bluegrass Mix! Keep up the good work guys! smilie

NameTed MacDaibhidh
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MessageI have been spending a lot of time in the American South whilst on business trips. Though I was familiar with the musical genre I didn't catch "Bluegrass fever" until then.

I used to be a Live365 VIP subscriber but when Live365 folded I had to find another streaming service to enjoy the music whilst working.

Your streaming service is terrific - please keep up the good work and keep this music streaming to its fans!



Nameken cook
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Messagewas garrs down stairs neighbor for many years; we used chew the fat and laugh alot; he is true country;heee hawww smilie smilie

Private Message added 2016-01-11

NameConnie Copsey
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MessageHi Jay from your grandma Connie!

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