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MessageHello Jim

NameDebbie Reynolds
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MessageJust love your smile and all the great work you have done. I grew up watching you on tv. That truly was the good old days.
God Bless you Jim Nabors!

NameSarah Emily Spenser
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MessageI have the entire Gomer Pyle series on DVD. I have many of your CDs. I adore you. You brought happiness to many people. You are a rare person. You have touched some many hearts with your music and Gomer Pyle character. I shall always adore you. Peace.

NameSusan W
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MessageGod blessed you with a beautiful voice and we are blessed that you have shared it with us. My husband loves your version of "The Impossible Dream". Thank you for sharing your singing and acting talent with us. May God bless you!

NameKimberly Bollman
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MessageI used to work with Dr. Linda Wong and Jane Lee in the Transplant Department in Honolulu, HI. I met Mr. Nabors there on several occasions and have always been a big fan. I had short red hair and I was in the garden at St. Francis Hospital when he sang "Happy Birthday" to Janie's mom on the phone. Anyway, since that time, my husband (a retired Marine) and I have moved to Sylacauga Alabama. We fell in love with the city and a big old farmhouse in the middle of town at 7 N Main Ave. The Smith family lived there for many years. We love learning about the area and our home. We recently learned that Mr. Nabors spent a lot of time here in our home as a child with a dear childhood friend, BB Smith. The parents, Hoge and Tom Smith lived here at that time. Admiring Mr. Nabors as I have since my childhood, I find that just adds even more charm to our sweet home. If you don't mind, please let Mr. Nabors know that if this home holds fond memories for him, we plan to restore it (slowly!) and maintain it for many years. It's not a flip for us, it's our home. If he ever visits the area, drive on by and he will see some changes and he is welcome anytime. Thank you for your time.

NameStephen Sandberg
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MessageI have been a big Gomer Pyle fan since it first aired. You and Frank Sutton had great chemistry. Heard you sing at the 500 multiple times. You are an icon and thanks for the good times

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MessageHello Jim Neighbors
My Name is Mudji versteeg
I'm from the Biglsand of Hawaii
I just like to say how much I like watching you on the show Andy Griffith. you played the role so well I hope to hear from you soon Mudji

NameM from Clay NY
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MessageI was at work yesterday and I was doing something that prompted me to say," Well, Golly." I immediately thought of the lovable Gomer Pyle. I expressed that phrase just like Gomer back in the day. A sweet character. I asked my co-worker if she has heard anything about Jim Nabors? She said no. I decided to google you. I am 57, so I remember that show. I recently purchased a Beverly Hillbillies DVD to show my grandkids. I loved Carol Burnett too. Laughter the best medicine. Simply fun comedy. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the fun you brought to us Jim Nabors. Your singing voice, strong, I remember that too. Have a great day.

NameJohn Emmons Jr.
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MessageThank you, Mr. Nabors, for a lifetime of entertainment. I'm another Alabama boy who has moved around, currently living in Baldwin, NY. Your success provided me with a great role-model of a Southern boy making it in the wider world. I am beginning my final year in public school education, as an assistant principal in a middle school. I hope that I have had as positive an influence on just a fraction of the number of people who you inspired. Again, my heartfelt thank you!

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MessageHi Jim. Do you know when your show, "THE JIM NABORS HOUR ", will be released on DVD? IT IS LONG OVERDUE !! All the best. Randy Tropf

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