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NameAlan Iddon
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MessageDo you have any info about the Halsey family, who lived at Hightree Bank,Kinton,Leitwardine, Hereford

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NameFelix Ruben Acosta Davis
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MessageMr. Martin Davis:
I´m writting to you from Resistencia, Chaco State in Argentina. My name is Felix Ruben Acosta Davis, I am the great son of Humprey Peter Davis born in 1885, son of Fanny Child and Peter Davis.
I´m glad to write to you in order to send you some information about Humphrey, my grandfather. Humphrey Peter Davis was the father of my mother, Carmen Justa Davis de Acosta.
I would like to have your email address in order to send you more information.
Hope to hear soon from you.
Ruben Acosta Davis

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NameRachel Godfrey
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MessageMinutes after I wrote that we had to cancel our trip to England due to a medical emergency, I found this poem in a file of one of my ancestors:


Just once to gaze on English landscape fair,
Through deep green-shadowed lanes to stray;
Just once to breathe the soft sea-laden air,
In hallowed English fanes to pray!
Just once to touch the people's ancient life,
Where yet it lingers far from toil and strife.

Thus oft we crave -- we of the English race,
Our souls deep-rooted in the past --
Not loving less our own abiding place
The young land where our lot is cast --
Our heritage -- a good land fair to see
Through all the years still this her glory be -
Unbroken faith -- unshaken loyalty.

Toronto M. Algon Kirby

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