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Messagebeautiful blog.from Hungary to roots of America and back again.

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MessageSzia Bluesman,
Thank you for so many wonderful musics, I especially like the Magyar posts and hope one day to see the other works of Nikola Parov. His Zsaratnok albums are fantastic, Holdudvar is the best of them all!
Nagyon koszonom

NameCliff Sloane
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MessageDo you have, or can you link me to, Alicia Svigals 1997 CD, "Fidl"?
I had it, lent it out many years ago, and now I have a craving to hear it again. It soothed me when I was going through a rough time.

NameJeremy Spindler
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MessageYour blog is amazing!!!! You have pearls of research material, and love your record descriptions. Cant wait to listen to some of what you are reviewing! smilie smilie

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MessageYour Site is super, thank you for vonderful musics!
Mekkora munkád van benne.. Köszönetés óriási tisztelet. Bocsi, az angolom gyenge.
Üdv. ruscus

Namereiner hecken
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Messagegreat stuff ! very happy to have found your side. smilie

Ferenczi György + Rackajam-et tudnál feltenni?
Még mindig köszi a munkádat!!

NameDario Horvat
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MessageThere is a lot of beautiful music here! Thank you for it. Does anybody have a very nice album: "Mihály Dresch Quartet, Archie Shepp - Hungarian Bebop"?

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MessageHi there,
I was wondering if I might be able to help you with some articles for Bluesman's World(Music). We have a newswire service that we're still trying to establish and if you would like to use the content, at no cost to you, you are more than welcome. It is called the World Music News Wire, and you can see the weekly articles we post here on our website (worldmusicnewswire (dot) com). We are on a mission to try and get high quality articles about global music artists and projects out to more web and media outlets. We post one full length feature article every Tuesday morning, along with a hi-res JPG. You may choose to publish all articles or choose individual articles. You can even edit and abridge them if that fits your format better. All we ask is that you please credit World Music News Wire. Some day we hope to charge for this service, but for now we are just happy to get the word out and build our reputation as a provider of high quality content.

Recent articles include:
“Translating Ecstasy from Syria to the Blues: Gaida’s Secret Passion is Revealed” read more
“Gypsy Wagons, Slap Bass, and Mad Loves: The Unseen Musical Forces behind Fishtank Ensemble” read more
“Ladino Jazz and Clave Cantatas: Bassist Avishai Cohen Sings Roots into Gold” read more
What do you think?

World Music News Wire

Messageyou came up when I searched soft folk, mandolin, klezmer, poetic music, world folk
look fwd to listening....

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