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Message10 reasons why you should use writing prompts

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I have just finished reading Your book and it was if I could not put it down. I received it on Monday and here it is on Wednesday and just finished it last night.

Easy read and wow I cannot blieve how many times in your book I identified with you. I esepcially liked the part in the end when you said you so wanted to make up with your dad before he left this world and you were able to do so with the guide of yet another angel.

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MessageToday is documentation indisposed, isn't it?

Private Message added 2011-08-04

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Your really have very cool site!
Can i subscribe to your RSS if your have?!?!?!
Please mail me about it...

Namemietwagen spanien
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Messagelast week our class held a similar discussion on this subject and you show something we have not covered yet, thanks.

- Laura

NameFabio Garcia O
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MessageHola Gabriela:

Vine por aquí estudiando su trabajo. Me complace encontrar tanta actividad en su página.

Espero que pronto me pueda enviar los mcapituolis en español que le solicitpe por correo-e para proceder a estudiarlos.


NameDiego Folgar
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felicidades por tu libro, con el ingles mio,
no puedo entenderlo, como te lo mereces.
Tendré que estudiar algo más el ingles, ó
esperar a que salga en castellano ó en alemán.

Tambien te deseo a ti y tus familiares unas felices fiestas y un prospero año 2010.
Que disfruteis de Salud, Felicidad y Alegría.

Saludos muy cariñosos desde Alemania
Diego Folgar

Tengo previsto de ofrecer a todos que tengan por apellido el nombre "Folgar"
una direccion de Email con la terminacion
Un ejemplo: para ti seria: >[email protected]<
te gustaria?

Private Message added 2009-03-30

NameMargaret Laird Shea
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MessageJust learned of your book - have ordered copies as Christmas gifts for Louisville Shea's and my daughter. I am so proud to know you - sharing your story will be a continual blessing to others.

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