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NameGrant Manning
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In 1973 I visited a fire buff who was a member of the 2-11Ass.
His name is Bob Guildig is he any relation to you. I went to his home for the evening.If he is can you update me on him.

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MessageMy email is [email protected] at least that's the one I use most often. Drop me a line...

Messagethat is my email i have a spam program that scans my emails i may not see it or since i do not know your email i do not accept it.

MessageHello again Mike, I emailed you awhile ago, and haven't heard back. I think perhaps you don't sign in often smilie I just hope I didn't miss your email and accidentally delete it, but I don't think so. I'll check back in here every now and again. smilie Let me know if you text, I'm a text a holic.. Hope everything is going well. smilie

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MessageI have removed this message

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MessageHey, How are you... I just messaged your brother.. I didn't see your blog @ the time. Happy family, they are so crazy cute... Awesome, congrats.

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Messagetom I do not have your email and my in-laws live at that address that address is for important doc. use only.

NameTom & Dawn Cummings
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MessageHi Mike Jamie and Sean!!!
Been trying to get ahold of you but no luck so far. Then I remembered the blog and here I am. Stopped by the address Tues. after work but nobody home. You guys were probably out doing something. Any luck finding a gig? I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled for anything I hear. Shoot me back an email real quik and tell me what's going on and your address if I've got the wrong one. Guess who's driving 37 now?? Yep ME. They retired my old 39 as a war weary derelick. Too many things to fix. Anyway, shoot me back an email ASAP. Tom