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NameVoughn Shaw
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MessageHay Winston: American women aren,t the problem. Your the problem dude. Most American women don,t see all guys as creeps. They only see weak needy insecure ugly dudes as your self as creeps. Mostly all american women have so much on there plates. With this modern fast complex high stress economy. Alot of women are working as many as two or three low pay service jobs. Like Sears, Kmart, supermarkets, and low level uptight office job. Where there,s allot of uptight politics nit picking, back stabbing. Plus going to collage and caring for there children. This is the real world. Because all the real good American jobs. Go to other place outside the USA. Like the Philippines. Where your at now. Were they get paid $2.00 an hour for the same US jobs that pay 40 to 60K a year. Can you see whats wrong with this picture. It,s not the laid back free spirited 1960, 1970,s. so be real and smell the fast pace competive, complex, 21st century. So the last thing a modern 21st century women needs. Is a little wineny weak needy latchy little ugly toad guy as your self. She needs that added stress to her life. As much as she needs breast cancer or Ovarian cancer. So why don,t you just jump into a yellowjackets nest. That would be so funny. smilie smilie
My reply: Dude, I'm not the problem. If I was, then how come I don't have the problem outside the US matrix? My fans felt the same way, saying that once abroad, their loveshyness disappeared. Check my forum sometime. Also, you can't deny that there exists in American women a strange dysfunctional hatred of men that doesn't exist in the other 200 countries, not even in England. Accept that or live in denial. Your choice. Either way, I'm happy and got what I wanted, which is better than before. And that's what counts.

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MessageHi Winston, your site and stories are excellent. I think your detractors are envious and secretly admire you as well.

NameThe Riddler
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MessageROT IN HELL WINNIE. I hope you die a slow and painful death from a STD. You deserve no better for what you have put Dianne, her family and all the other victims in Russia through.

NameE. Sandoval
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MessageWinston, you rule. You've been a big inspiration in my life over the past few years. Soon i'll buy your e-book. Your travel Dvd's were awesome.

NameWu Is Scum
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MessageYou are scum, Wu.

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You are the most humble man to have their own website based on your own adventures I have ever read.smilie Where do you find the time to write such generalized commentaries on American life?smilie Where do you find the time to exchange unearned monetary funds for unsanitary female fluids? smilie You are Hero Winston Wu to all who have ever set their sights so low that can't possibly fail and yet they do. You are a Hero to the genetic lottery loser. You are a Hero to the underendowed. You are Hero to those who are underabused, always misused, and permanently confused. smilie

So Winston....
Raise your fist in they air
Raise your voice and loudly declare...
I am Winston
Hear Me SQUEAK! smilie

NameWu Is Gay
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MessageYou suck, Wu! Burn in Hell.

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MessageVery informative site. Keep up the good job.


MessageHi all,
Welcome to my new guestbook! Feel free to sign it and leave your comments about my controversial but truthful website! Post away!


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