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NameTFL Victim
Messagewhy not just get a hooker?

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Messagedie in hell you filthy stain on humanity

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MessageI've read some of this and I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. You're a mental midget with an I.Q. of 40. I can't believe how you treat women so poorly and then turn around and feel so sorry for yourself when they treat you poorly. You're ridiculous story about Katya, constantly rewriting history to make yourself look better, it's ridiculous. If I saw you on the street, I wouldn't hesitate to beat you within an inch of your life. Stay out of Canada or else! You're a country pumpkin rube who doesn't understand anything about the world. smilie

NameProud American
MessageYou are a sick f-ck. All those women in Russia are cheap prostitutes and the women in Southeast Asia are underage whores. You should be stoned in Saudi Arabia you sick f-ck!

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MessageI have started looking in your site. It appears to have a lot of valuable information for mongerers. Thanks for the free site.

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MessageGreetings Winston, thanks for the invite.

I must say that the Happier Abroad site is bigger & broader than I expected...I hope to make one like it in the future.

The DEBUNKING CHRISTIANS section is particularly might want to make another (e)book out of it eventually.

Best, K.K.

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MessageMr. Wu,

I've just read your Journals 2002 comprised of 200+ pages. I am quite speechless about all the experiences that you went through and the tenacity of your guts to wonder around Eastern Block.

I agreed some of your points about the differences culturally between here in North American lifestyle (Canada) and Europe. Although, i'm of Asian descent just like your self, I've never had problems in getting dates here from different "racial backgrounds", attitude definitely plays a lot of factor, and even though the north american "media" place a restricted parameters towards the image of "asian-north americans" it is up to us how to respond to that, even to challenged the preconceptions. Just like you, I'm well travelled. I did exchange back in my university days in Czech Republic having studied, lived, and travelled all around Europe afforded me to look at the main differences culturally, and even expanded my horizon when I travelled throughout the latin americas and being able to speak different languages such as Czech, Spanish, basic French helped a lot. When you presented your main points about why living abroad is better - you're dead on right.
On other hand, although North America lacks the cultural sophistication like Europe, it is still the best place to live, at least here in Canada smilie

So ignore the critics, Go live life bud or as my British friend says, if you havent live life, youre just taking space in this world.

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MessageHi, I've not just read your advice, but I've followed it too! I'm so glad to leave the West because of all the heart-ache and problems with women who really don't want or need a man, so theres no use trying. Russia is poorer, but I don't need all the consumer sh*t & women don't expect me to buy it for them (what a relief). I hope more people think for themselves and Winston's site is great for free-thinkers.

NameJohn Friz
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MessageWU you must be a dirty jew chink boy. American ladys love me because I bust the ugly weak jews in the face. Blacks Spicks and other non whites were created by satan not god. There for non whites are evil. White man was created by god. Amerian women love men who like to fight. Not weak jews like you chink boy

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MessageWinston Wu at his very best! What an upright citizen!

Winston-Wu DOT com SLASH images SLASH Justin.jpg

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