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Name Jones
Date 2008-11-20 03:25:13
Message A recent house clean up brought me to my tape collection from the 90's, most of which were headed for the local charity shop, the only one I couldn't throw away was Road to roundhay pier, mainly because 'I'll never find this anywhere again'

That piqued my interest to see if I could find anything online about you , and I was amazed to find my way here!, even more amazed to see a new album out as well!!

I downloaded Roudhay pier off Napster last night, took me right back to '87, it must be about the first time I've heard it in 15 years or so, I may have kept the tape but haven't had anything to play it on in years

Shall be heading off to Amazon next to see if I can pick up the new disc.

Thanks for suprising me after all these years

Name Donna
Date 2008-12-29 21:59:25
Message wow - just browsing & saw your site & ref to Bill Byford - what a blast from the past!!!! Will have to source your music now & see what Bill got up to after college.

Name Jeffrey Roycroft
Date 2009-03-12 17:49:29
Message I've set up a Rhythm Sisters appreciation society on Facebook. We really should spread the word of Mandi & Debbie's raw talent.

Name Andrew M
Date 2009-03-30 15:08:12
Message I remember seeing you supporting the Proclamers in the Usher Hall (I think) in Edinburgh in the 80's. First time I'd ever heard or seen you.......Awesome. Bought Road to Roundhay Peir. Found you on Sportify and listening to Tell Me How Long The Boat Has Gone....First impressions.......a damn fine album.

Name Jon Griffin
Date 2009-04-07 18:41:13
Message Hi Debi & Mandi

I remember going to a gig of yours at newport leisure centre, knowing the photographer & you letting me & a mate in the green room for a can of lager!Wow care-free, good days.

Great to see you're still around; still love lazy leeds afternoons.


Name Carol Grant (nee Verity)
Date 2011-02-12 11:34:32
Message Hi Debbie & Mandi

Don't know if you remember me but our families used to quite close before my dad died (John Verity) do you remember the time we all went on holiday in your dad's caravan in reighton sands when we were young, you both had to stay home & babysit me & my brother (Steve). Still listen to the tape you sent me.

Lots of love

Carol x

Name Gman
Date 2009-07-15 07:11:32
Message Holy shit. I saw you girls at the refectory Leeds Uni in 1988/89 with Brucey Foxton. Sad to say I thought you were both gorgeous and stalked the one who worked in the shop in the Victoria Arcade for a week or two.

Good to see you're both still going...x

Name Paul
Date 2009-09-28 09:09:15
Message I saw you at the Milton Keyns festival of youth,
I still have the program as well.
I have checked the internet every now and then to see if anything new was being released so I'm glad to see a new Album out.

Name paul
Date 2009-10-03 22:28:16
Message have gone on line tonight and introduced my girlfriend to your sound but also am pleased to say that I met you in the Thornhill Arms in Stanningley Leeds in 1987 ish.. Paul

Name Hessigittymew
Date 2009-10-18 10:07:06
Message Hei Depressing klooper appropriate as my english jer, buti inquire charming re recommend .

Name rod
Date 2009-10-23 11:20:15
Message saw you and proclaimers in princess charlotte in leiceater, still the best gig of my lie.
then l think a gig in nottingham benefit for something, where l made a rite eejit of myself talking to yous when drunk.
fantastic to see you back the first album l loved, will look up the new one cheers from ireland

Name GL
Date 2009-11-13 15:18:01
Message Dunno what it was about the Rythym Sisters, but I trusted them.

Name richard pemberton
Date 2009-11-20 13:36:08
Message followed this band around the country for about two years great times. places like the riverside in n/castle and the leadmill in sheffield. the cleveland mafia we got nicknamed and a few others to boot. lots of laughs in green rooms. great days. was over the moon when i saw the new cd on the net. what a blast when i played it, made me feel young again! great work girls.

Name rob selby
Date 2009-11-23 07:31:17
Message do you still speak with bill, we are old friends ask if he can get in touch .

rob xx

Name markb
Date 2009-12-14 07:36:01
Message Just found you on the net, can't wait to get hold of your latest stuff.
Got the Road to . . album when it came out and it's been playing on and off in my car ever since.
My kids all sing along in the back and will be just as excited as I am about getting more you both.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! M

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