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MessageAs of Feb 8th in at:
Transit Center at Manas (formerly Manas Air Base and unofficially Ganci Air Base) is a United States military installation at Manas International Airport, near Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, primarily operated by the U.S. Air Force.

NameLinda Brown
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MessageHi John,

I'm so glad that we met yesterday. I want you to know that I will keep you and all of the members of the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion in my heart and prayers during your deployment.

Those of us at home are so proud of our very best trained Marines. Thank you doesn't express how much I appreciate your sacrafice and service.

Always be safe my friend!


NameJohn J Pettinato Sr.
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MessageHey Son hope you guys have a great christms love you both. talk to you soon

NameJohn J Pettinato Sr
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MessageNice website guess thisw is where I need to go to find out whats up with my son

Private Message added 2011-08-04

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Your really have very cool site!
Can i subscribe to your RSS if your have?!?!?!
Please mail me about it...

Nametattoo sleeves
MessageHi John,I saw your youtube video of getting your tattoo from Ryu.Do you mind telling me how much it cost you?

Thanks for your serving our country.

NameJackie Dietrich
MessageFound you through MillersVets. Wanted to thank you for your service. My son-in-law is a Marine. You guys make me proud to be an American. Thank you again.

NameHM3 Tony Gonzalez
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MessageTHanks for your service, I was with 7th ESB, in Desert Storm, I was a DOC with Support Company, ooh rah Devil Dog, keep up the good work

NameSSgt Woodruff, Brian A.
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Message1stSgt!!! Nice web-site looks good Sir! I love the christmas pic from Fallujah.... classic! Who's that bad-ass radio operator in that picture by the way!? I hope all is good. I have 2 more weeks left on the depot then its back to the real Marine Corps. Going over to 9th Comm then looks like Afghan in August!!! Stay motivated! KILL!!!

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