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Namemarcelo navarroza
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MessageDear Brother in Martial Art..

I have viewed and perused the blog you referred to me.. well, I am not surprised the way things go.. All I can say is that "HINDI KA NAG-IISA" (You are not alone) nor your organization suffering from such kind of treatment.. as billions in the world practice variety of martial arts, the same goes that billions of ideas occur.. and it is but nature.. those who want to pursue and advance in their chosen endeavors are likely to quest and adapt to the changing times to suit their needs for particular art/system and what said system can do to them... and along the way, as one progresses in the limelight and made known, it is a natural tendency that ENVY will arise... As I see your stuffs, I can safely conclude that the GM of this innovated art of Kuntaw is simply ENVIOUS of your achievements.. Well a TRUE "GRANDMASTER" (with genuine WISDOM, "NOBILITY" & ETHICAL STANDARDS of MORALITY and FAIR SENSE OF JUSTICE) NEVER COMPETE with the ACHIEVEMENTS, much less, of being ENVIOUS of his STUDENT! A Grandmaster is a FATHER and nowhere you can find in the globe, a FATHER in his right SENSES will BULLY HIS SON just because the son has done so much progress more than what the father expected of him!!!!! Well, I wish you all the best as you hurdle this "conflict"... More power to you guy... AHH yes before I forget, how I wish that these purported "Patriotic-Filipinos" advocating KUNTAW as "Filipino Art", DO AWAY WITH ANYTHING THAT IS OKINAWAN/JAPANESE!

Nameerlina bartolata
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MessageSo amazingly incredible things that Ive learned from you..wish you turn back at your young age so that many will appreciate you mostly sikaran black husband were eager to meet you,,,just think always that there are so many people loves you.

NameGM Art Miraflor
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MessageWow, love your collection, I'm jealous. I too started in 1968 under GM Angel Cabales here in Stockton, CA known as Escrima capital of USA.
Have a safe holidays and God bless.

NameGreg Brookes
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MessageHey Buzz,

Good to see you fit and well, I'm sure you remember our training together back in Traverse, must have been 17 years ago how time flies!

Well I run a Personal Training Company now here in London. I'm often over in Michigan visiting friends so I'll let you know next time I'm over and maybe we can get together for a week of training?

Take care, Greg

NameLarry Cardinal
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MessageHey buzz,
Longtime no see was a student during the early 90's. Training with you guys kept me out of alot of trouble way back then. Just wanted to say hello and thanx for all the fond memories back then. It good to see your alive and well. Guess i just curious if you remember me as well..

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MessageI enjoyed this morning's chat with you and have added your blog to my list of blogs that I follow. Yout topics are interesting and I hope you will keep them fully updated and add photos and the like to them as well. Everyone should have some blogs as well as being on FACEBOOK,which is a great to way to communicate despite the occasional negative aspects well known to most users. Keep up the good work. Yours in martial arts. HALFORD E. JONES

NameCraig Koch
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MessageHi Buz,

You probably will not remember me, but I took Kuntaw from you at NMC for about a year. I was a black belt in TKD. Since then I have become Sifu Rank in Wing Chun, and am studying Arnis. I don't care what any of your detractors say about you, you were one of the best instructors I have had.

Craig Koch

NameKen Wheeler
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MessageI finally find your blog! I wish I would have found this earlier. smilie See you guys soon! You know you can always ask me for anything. What's mine is yours.

Ken, Lisa, and the "crumb snatchers"

NameSimon Fishing
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MessageThats very good to know... thanks

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