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Private Message added 2011-08-20

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MessageHallo Chicken,

Hier ist David aus Dresden. Ich hoffe Dir gehts gut.
Mir und Familie geht es bestens. Wollte mal fragen ob du in diesem Jahr wieder dein Fest abhältst. Habe diesen Sommer ausnahmsweise mal frei und würde vorbeischauen.
Freu mich über eine Antwort.
Bolenat David

Private Message added 2011-04-11

Private Message added 2011-03-29

NameDiane Marquis
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MessageOh how I miss the barco!
You are very popular in my video Chicken Baba.
Hola to Trinity.

- diane

NameAlex Zipf
MessageSO kanns kaum abwarten trinis bild auf deiner page zu sehen. Bis Bald ma wieder

Private Message added 2011-02-04

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Messagehe chicken wo steckste denn ?were toll ma was von dier zu hören lg und pura vida toto

Private Message added 2011-01-14

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MessageHey chicken, how are you doing ??? I landed in France few days ago and i'm trying to get connect with you... I'm crazy of your cape and would like to see with you how we can arrange something, the one you gave to me had some hard time there... To know also how was your trip there with all this very nice banch of people ??? Hope to get connect soon... And why not one riding a Enfield in Germany once.

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