Welcome to the Guest Book for Net4TruthUSA. Whether you are a veteran or not, we welcome your comments and suggestions. We are pro-veteran and anti-war as our many articles and links prove. We believe that an informed serviceman / veteran will keep our country safe and free, and we are on a mission to accomplish those ends. We love the USA, but loathe what it is threatenining to become. We believe that if we are not a "Nation Under God" that we will soon become a Nation Gone Under. Your support and prayers for this humble effort are greatly appreciated. God bless, and Godspeed,
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NameJames Rhodes
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MessageMany do not know the magnitude of veterans here obtaining treatment for Agent Orange related conditions we are denied in the USA.There are good honorable veterans volunteering with herbicidal poison and landmine victims (where are our politicians)? This country has always treated me better than the nation that sent me to fight here-while, of course, deferring the well connected. These are the kindest most forgiving people in the world-we could learn a great deal from them.

NameLuke K.
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MessageKeep spreading the message of truth about the wars. Your book is very interesting and I will try to get it.

Government can't be trusted. I was a little outspoken to a LEO and the Department of Homeland Security knocked on my door for an "interview". Maybe I need to get your window sticker.

PS: I stayed at GAM 3/17.

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MessageI am a veteran, I have been wating on VA compensation for over two years and the Chicago Regional Office has ignored my emails and phone calls. I was told to contactDAV they had the power of attorney they werent allowed to give me any information; so i called the DAV and they informed me they had no power of attorney to contact the Chicago Regional Office. I have sent all required evidence several times and they keep saying we never received it. it is ridicolous that I should wait another two years. I keep calling and they keep ignoring me they have my claim in the Devolpment phase and ask me to keep waiting another 180 days. I emailed them and I was given the run around oh you have to contact this person the DAV can only view your file we cant not view your claim status; look at your ebenefits. I am glad that there are people who care about veterans, and I would like for us veterans to be heard. Thank you for posting this on the Internet.

Namegus hennemann
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MessageI wasd rated at 40 percent after a year of fighting with the vA, I put in for an upgrade and a claim for ptsd and I have been waiting over 26 months now, I have seen all the doctors they wanted me too done all the MRI's and filled out all the questionnaires sent to me. Two years in development phase and still waiting. I have had two back surgeries and may need a back fusion so I have had to luckily change positions at work for less money and I have a wife and four kids to support

NameGenevon Hinseth
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Messagesmilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
The Day of the Lord is at hand! He is coming back very very soon!
Shalom Dr. Lipkin,
My mother and I have been watching Hal Lindsay and Irwin Baxter on the tv on Sunday evenings for the past few weeks. We have been hearing some very exciting news about what's happening and it really looks like the time of the Lord's return is very very near now. It's so exciting! And a little bit scary too. I hope and pray that I am ready! I hope and pray that you are ready also!
Shalom! The Lord Bless you, REAL GOOD!

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MessageThumbs Up to your website! God Bless you all of the remnant of God that will not bow a knee to the NWO.

Namemichael carter
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MessageI was granted honorable discharge for VA purposes after VA investigation revealed my unit CO and NCO's assualted me then covered it up by signing emergency OTH discharge to remove me from the base in order to avoid prosecution...i just recently found out the Army granted me General discharge but dropped it back down to OTH.

Effective since 12/01/2008 i have been awarded TDIU but VA still pay me at the 90% rate. When i request why, VA claims VA employee forged the letter or alleged the rating decision was lost and then cover their butt by re-opening the claim evey time i drop it.

In December 2009 i recieved VA medical records to prove i was diagnosed with PTSD even though i never recieved mental health treatment. The VA refused grant rating and claim the PTSD diagnosis medical records was forged.

To avoid providing me with answer, the VA has lied to me numerous times stating my VA file is in Seattle, Waco,TX, and Phoenix, AZ.

I absolutely have no idea why VA is doing this so i need your help ASAP.....i can be reached at p.o. box 198441, chicago, IL 60619 or 773-997-6456

NameJohn W. Curtner
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MessageI am 86 and Veterans said I am incompetent and can not take care of the money so they put it in a Trust and I have to ask permission for it and Veterans decides if I can or can not have it. I am World WarII and Korean Vet. I pay the Trust Company to give me my check every month.

Nameclarence bynes jr
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Messagei just info on the tort act thanks

NameJohn Deck
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MessageYou have my spiritual support.Prayers going out!

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