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Namebarry dreger
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MessageDave,your great .Finally someone with brains ans balls. You provide a great service to all of us educated in the know people. Keep up your good work. Your going to heaven my man. Greetings from Canada. Please email me if you find the time or even better pls call me, 778-919-8187

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now burning Chrome

NameThomas Sarc
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MessageI am a Long Island author (retired telecommunication executive- talk about a company of assholes!!!).

I have 12+ books published - the last one Tom Sarc Gets Revenge On Telemarketers. My next book deals with me being fed up with all the assholes in the world.
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NameGwen kennedy
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MessageI love your YouTube regarding the truth about hillary, I know many people feel the way we do but do not have a place to express it. Thank you so much my brother, with prayer and people like you that speak the truth we may see her and her friends get the justice she deserves. I know there is no justice for that but hell and I am sure she will receive that as well.
God bless you! !

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