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Date 2012-07-25 16:00:52
Message Badabadumbumbambambadada!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH CAMP NAGEELA! Every single person in camp made this summer AWESOME (because from what I hear, this was definately THE BEST SUMMER YET!!)... I almost cried as I watched all the boys staff taking over the place. I couldnt help but think they're invading our camp!! HELLO, YOO HOO! Our camp!! Oh well, I guess the more people who can share Nageela, the merrier (Although I am a bit jealous....) ONLY 338 DAYS TILL NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NAGEELA '13 WHOOAAA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NAGEELA '13 WHOOAAA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NAGEELA '1, WE ARE FAMILY!!! Kick the boys outa camp!

Name Rachel Laya
Date 2008-07-29 17:10:37
Message K life with out Nageela is really booring!!! This is like my 10th time looking at the gest book today! So Mindy, Baila, Dina, and Dit howz life doing?

Name penina
Date 2007-08-03 11:07:18
Message wow! i haven't been on the guestbook in a long time and i was so excited when i looked and saw so many nageela people signing! Naggy you'll be very happy to hear that i am spreading your favorite song around and my cousins are already singing i'm so excited! My mothere also heard some people singing it in a bungalow colony and they said they learnt it when they came to watch our major play
so is everybody excited for the reunion shabbaton? its gonna be lots of fun sadie i hope your coming cuz even though you didn';t make it to the tisha b'av event we still want to see you
sari be in touch so we can work on a ride for you
yasmin: are yu able to cum to NY next week for the shabbaton?
all you new jersey people let me know if yu can cum so we can work on transportation!
i'm so excited to see all of you on the shabbaton! brandy, tzippy, tove, anna, vlada, and every other camp nageelaer!
btw adina i have your camera from camp so be in touch so i can give it to u!
can't wait to see all of you on visiting day! kick the boys out!

Name natalie
Date 2008-11-30 13:27:04
Message hey everybody!!!!! i just wanted 2 see how every1 was doing and say a few comments:
and by the way when they mentioned about the PARTY SHABBATON, they said ages 14-16, and they sent me the card. the only thing is that i am not 14 yet, i am 13, but i still want 2 attend this event. tell me wat should i do???? (pleaz)

g2g but t2ual

Name Bunny=Paige Friedman
Date 2009-08-21 15:26:52
Message Hi everyone! On my cousin's computer right now. You are right Rifka, my name isn't Bunny. It is actually Paige Friedman ( says so on the top of my message.) Well, I just wanna wish everybody a good shabbos. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GOOD SHABBOS!

Date 2008-07-29 16:16:58
Message Hey camp Nageela its hard to belive that the summeris over and i am sitting at home posting !!!I wanted to thank everyone for making my summer so out of control! I was really glad that the regular sighners are back at work!!(I am sure stoner will sign as soonas she wakes up! Ha Ha Please lets try to get everyone to sign ! Dina and Baila i am totaly bored and Nageela sick with you! WELL It is never to early to start counting the days to Nageela 09'!!!!!!!

Name ariel stoner
Date 2007-08-03 17:48:11
Message hey everyone!!! GOO SHABBO!!!! Goo shabbo, goo shabbo, goo shaaaaabo, goo shabbo, goo shabbo, goo shaaaaabo, holy shabbo, special shabbo, goo shabbo camp nageela, goo shabbo. . I miss camp soo much! . Its gunna be so weird to see nageela with boys in it on sunday!

Name shira k
Date 2008-08-26 01:02:24
Message wow yasmin, with all that to do in school, no wonder u like it............
just a technical q- if all campers r stff @ nageela boarding school, who's the students????? hhhmmmm, lets think on that one. i gtg snooze some!!!!!!!! luv u all, shira

Name natalie
Date 2008-11-30 13:31:37
Message by the way i forgot to mention ....
did any1 realize that NO BOYZ EVER SIGNED THE YEARBOOK???? or at least not that i no of...

well that means that we r better than the boyz and we rule. !!!! rock on girlz!!!!

Name yehudit
Date 2008-07-29 14:40:07
Message i miss evry1 sooooooooo much! hope ur 2nd half of summer will be fun (but nothing compares 2 nageela!!!!)

Name aliza shenker
Date 2007-08-28 19:04:13
Message hello everone!!! wow its been a while since i last signed on! i know rochel leah its crazy that everyone is leaving! regards from sara- i went to say good bye to her in the airport. i miss u all like crazy

Name Baila
Date 2007-11-04 13:37:45
Message hi guys im bored right now... i was on a ncsy Freshmen shabbtone this weakend it was a blast!!! so what up with u guys?

Name ariel stoner
Date 2008-01-20 22:15:58
Message hey everyone!! The reunion was completely awesome!! I can't wait for nageela 08!!...we can hardly wait, don't regurgitate...someone gained some will be really great!!!

Name ariel stoner
Date 2008-01-23 17:59:36
Message hey everyone!! Congrats Rachel, thats so good! Which school, TAG high school?

Name rl
Date 2009-01-13 16:12:25
Message jyrl forsure cum I just have to sine out?! And I had an awesome time on the "shabbaton" too! Thanx so much for having it! U 2 deet! And I'm gonna miss ya tonz!!! Can we still do it tonite or r u too busy packing? Sry bout last nite and Sunday! Ur really good at this sticking to doing it and I'm not sry! Anyways g2g have a gr8 day ppl!

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