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MessageThank you for your easy to follow Photo to Art tutorials. My customers are so impressed with the results. Will be sure to keep checking back for any new tut's you come up with!!


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MessageThese tutorials are just great, within minutes you get a fantastic watercolour, oil painting even vector art effect that make your ordinary pictures look like works of art.
A must have for anyone with Photoshop.

Thanks Sylvia for these easy to follow and easy to understand tutorials, Im glad i found this website.

WOW i managed to type all that and not mention my favourite tutorial smilie . Will i ... Will i... smilie
Yes i will, 5A is the best tutorial you'll ever come across, its just so unique, you wont be dissapointed i can assure you.

NameJohn Prescott
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MessageWoW, those tutorials are enlightening. Rather than read through reams of complicated technical know-how these are short, concise and to the point.

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MessageHi Sylvia just found your site and have downloaded your free stuff which will help me as im new to photoshop and using presets etc so im off to play and learn , your tuts for sale look great so i will keep them in mind thanks for the great site...........

hugBev smilie

NameMichael Seljos
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MessageI just bought the "watercolor pen & ink 5A" tutorial from Sylvia. I haven't worked with it yet, but I can tell already that it will allow me to do some amazing things with my images. Sylvia has been great at helping me get going with this tutorial. I intend to purchase more tutorials from her, and I urge anyone reading my comments here to do the same. They are very well written and easy to follow. You don't have to be a "pro" Photoshop user to understand and follow her tutorials. I also intend to eventually share some of my Lucisart creations with other users on Sylvia's website.

NameEda Hirst
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Messagesmilie I absolutely loved the 5b tut! smilie
It worked like a charm and all I have is Elements 6. I plan to get many, many more of your tuts. It was easy to follow and instantly gratifying.
Thank you sooo much! smilie

Private Message added 15-11-2007

NameMarkus Wagner
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MessageAt the moment this is my absolute favorite tutorial. I am still a beginner, I have to test many more pictures to get a perfect result.

NameMaria Santos
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Messagesmilie Beautiful.

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MessageGreat Tutorials Sylvia well laid out and easy to Follow.
Thank You
Will be back For more smilie

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