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NameTom Keim
DateJan 28, 2008
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MessageI saw your display for the first time this year while visiting my family in Mt Vernon. I live in San Francisco. A question I have is, it would seem that the FM transmitter recognizes when someone has tuned into the light display. Am I correct in that thinking? When I drove up the lights were steady. After I tuned in, the lights began to alter with the music. Was this just coincidence in timing of when I drove up or am I correct that the transmitter recognizes that someone is tuning in? I sat mesmerized for a good 1/2 hour smilie
Many thanks for your efforts!

NamePete & Rita Peterson
DateJan 19, 2008
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MessageThis is the 1st Christmas we haven't been home but were visiting our daughter & family nearby your home. She took us to see your wonderful display and am so happy she did. You did a great job and are making everyone seeing it enjoy a wonderful Christmas. We took my 95 yr. old uncle along and he was mesmerized by everything. I haven't seen anything like it at home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. Keep up the magnificent work. You make everyone's day! Have a great year!

NameDrew Dixon
DateJan 16, 2008
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MessageHi Bill,

Just wanted to say thanks for the spectacular display. We live in adjacent Hollin Hall Village, and we made sure to swing by a bunch this year to enjoy all your hard work. It's absolutely amazing! Fantastic job!

I also wanted to let you know that we do a haunted pirate-themed display for Halloween, and I'd love to chat with you about your technology someday. If you have time, take a look at members(dot)cox(dot)net(slash)dadgonemad, and be sure to drop by Wellington Rd. this October!

Thanks again!

NameBetsy and Henry Misisco
DateJan 13, 2008
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MessageAs long time residents of Stratford we look forward to your lights every year. And each year they get bigger and better! Throughout December we always change our route to be sure we drive by your beautiful home several times a week. Guests who visit are always given the tour and "first-timers" are always amazed and ask to return! We are overwhelmed by the time and energy you must put in to making this display so beautiful and interesting. Each visit brings a new discovery - some little detail that makes us laugh or or applaud!
Thank you so very much for the wonderful gift you have given us all! It just wouldn't be Christmas without the Collingwood Lights!
Thank you! Thank you! Thankyou!

NamePatricia Riley
DateJan 12, 2008
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MessageI'm so sorry we missed the 2007 display. Just learned about your wonderful Christmas decorations this past Monday. We drove out a few evenings this week hoping to see the magic. Last night I knocked on your front door and was told that the 2007 lights had ended. Hope to see this magnificent display of Christmas joy in December. God bless you and your family.

DateJan 7, 2008
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MessageMy mom is in Manor Care across the street from your home and your lovely Christmas display. We discovered it one night while visiting her and have stayed to watch and listen every night since then. What an incredible gift you have given us! My granddaughter who is 7 just could not get enough of the display and wanted to go back as often as possible. She told everyone she knows about it! Thank you seems so inadequate, but I do want to thank you for doing this. It's truly beautiful and inspiring.

God bless you and yours! Can't wait till next year to see it again.

NameGosia Grzybowska
DateJan 6, 2008
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MessageI am originaly from Poland and my cousin Irena lives down the street with her 5 daughters and a husband. I visit your Christmas display almost every year. This year I walked there at the night of Three Kings and I noticed not only the colorful lights but also music, dancing deers, and all this artistic synchronization. I can honestly say that seeing this picture was better than going to Disneyland for me.
Thank you for your work, for this site, for willingness to share Christmas atmosphere with your neighboor across the street who are often lonely and with all the world. God bless you.

NameThe Peckham Family on Collingwood Ct
DateJan 6, 2008
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MessageTonight I took advantage of the warm evening and pulled the wagon with my 5-yr old and almost 2-yr old and our radio to spend one last evening watching your beautiful lights. My teary 5-yr old says "I wish we could come tomorrow and forever." smilie We are all looking forward to next year. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely Christmas tradition with us. May you have a happy and blessed New Year!

DateJan 6, 2008
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MessageMy friend's mother is in the nursing home and she told me about the beautiful display. My brother was in that nursing home before he died, but apparently not during Christmas. Oh how we would have appreciated it. Even though I live in the area we usually visit the Extreme House past Wendy's on Route 1, but you are now on my annual list -- and I still have some family I want to bring by because I took my sister last night, the skies were clear, the air -- coldie -- and the display knocked our socks off! It is the best Christmas display I've ever seen and impressed me more than ever the stores in DC did! Watched it from within the car, and then had to get out and watch it from the front, where we noticed the pond forming and then the fish jumping up as the reindeer flew by. We thought it was a kit and professionally hung until I just read your blog. Thank you for making a beautiful day end in the most "magital" way as my grandson would say. Yes I called my son and yes they had gone to see it in its full glory. What a sharing, caring wonderful way to give to our community. I was just childlike in my appreciation, and my sister and I wrapped arms around each other, swayed to the beautiful music, and just watched the lights roll! Now I have to call everybody I know tomorrow to share with them. Thank you, looking forward to more evenings watching the dancing lights, and can't wait for next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Jill

NameRev. B. Kris Kramer
DateJan 5, 2008
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MessageI am the priest at St. James, Episcopal Church, Mount Vernon. I would love to have a wonderful and joyful display at our church. No doubt you bring much joy to many people throughout the holidays. My four children loved it this evening...It was a great way to spend my birthday...thank you!

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