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Namehywel evans
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Messagehey edd happy birthday mate, always thinking of you. i have been diving in the great barrier reef. it was amazing. saw some awsome things i can see why you loved it so much. i have fallen in love with diving to. when i was diving i felt like you were there with me.
miss you loads mate
loads of love
your little bro howie.

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Messagehey edd your little bro here just wanted to tell you i can see why you loved astralia so much. the weather is awsome aint managed to burn my self yet. going to do the east coast next week. going to do a sky dive, white water rafting, going to fraiser island. i will be going sailing on a boat for 3 days aswel. as you loved diving so much i am going to try it whilst on the boat in the reef.
miss you loads mate

NamePhil Davies
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MessageHad the privilege to meet Ed at the Xmas concert when we (Ogmore choir) were invited to sing and raise money for his fund. We also performed at 'his' picnic in the summer. It's difficult to put into words our sadness at hearing that he's passed away. We will never forget Ed and it is fair to say that he was (and is) an inspiration to us all. Hope we can continue to help and raise funds for his cause in the future.

NameJames Beaman
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The memory's that I have of us growing up will stay with me forever, to this day they are so very clear.
why someone with a heart as big as your has to be taken away I shall never know.

rest in piece my dear friend

NameClaire Harry
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MessageThe Lady in question on the message below, is my Good friend Rebecca Grennaway from Marcross!!!!
Becs did sadly gain an injury on sunday, but well done kiddo!!! Ed would have still been really thankfull for her fab effort xx smilie

NameSally Abel
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MessageI'd like to say a big congratulations to the lady who ran the 10km run in Margam park on Sunday 14th October, who had this website on her t-shirt. She unfortunatly got an injury when we saw her, and was upset that she wouldn't be able to complete it. But well done for being so brave!!

NameJan and Jeff Baker
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MessageRest in Peace, Ed. We are so relieved your suffering is over. Our thought are now with your loving family. May their memories of you be some consolation in the hard days ahead.

NameZoe Aicken
MessageHi Ed,

Will miss you loads n loads, you are an inspiration to us all, love you lots xx

NameMeg Tucker
MessageHeya Ed
Just thought i would get in contact and let you know that my form have been set a challenge to raise money for a charity of our choice and so we decided to raise money for the ed evans foundtaion.

Will come and see you soon and let you know how it is all going


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MessageHi Ed,

just want to wish you all the best and if possible give you some strength. Rachel and I are thinking of you everyday and we strongly hope you 'll get better soon. Don't give up.
You have to get better because we want to see you at our wedding so keep it up mate !!!!

As they say in France: "Tiens bon camarade !!" which means "Be strong....we are all with you with our thoughts".

Take good care of yourself.


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