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MessageА что за хостинг у вас на сайте? платный?

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Message“дорогу одолеет идущий”. Желаю вам ни когда не останавливаться и быть творческой личностью – вечно!

NameAllan Himour
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MessageTI since 1968 starting with a molestation in Alberta Canada, ongoing stalking and harassment ever since. After a second molestation in 1979 I observed and believe that some of the police are controlled/blinded; I was not taken to a hospital, I was thrown in a jail cell naked. We have to encourage the police and those in positions of power to come forward as many of them are also victims.
Don't give up folks!!! We owe this to the next generation and those that follow. Thanks!

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MessageHello webmaster
I would like to share with you a link to your site
write me here

NameAndrew Lewis
MessageI am a TI, and have been since for a very long time. Stay strong and hang in there.

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MessageI am going to recommend some mini books for you to read. They all all written by Pastor John Osteen
How to flow in the Super Supernatural
How to release the Power of God.
Pulling down strongholds

Pastor Osteen wrote a lot of mini booklets.
There is a list of titles on the last page of each
mini book.

May the good Lord be with you

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MessageFor those of you who are protestant Christistian in the United
States might I recommend WPOS christan radio staton to listen to to help you cope with certain individuals who make it difficult for even the most
humbelest of saints to endure.
For our Catholic friends- How about listening to Mother Angelica on EWTN- to help brighten your day
- she sure is funny-
Here are sme other things I do to cope with certain individuals
2. listen to christian teachings
3. go to church
4,watch dvd's- I like comedies from the 50's and 60's
5. listen to music
Bondages that I have been afflicted with since
I have been harrassed.
spending money- I need to be delivered of this.
6. I keep close ties wth my family -
and friends
I put that little dancing guy up on the screen- because I thought he was cute. I am very uncoordinated- I don't dance so well any more
7 I have one confession to make, I also watch cartoons on dvd to help me cope-little bear, Dora,
Rosie and Jim, Blue's Clues, Winnie the Pooh,Paddington Bear

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Messagesmilie To k-9
We ask Dear Lord that you will touch our brothers heart and bring him to repentence and salvation through Jesus
Christ. we realize Dear Lord, that satan has deceived our poor brother who seems to enjoy ridiculing us. But we arenot angry with him, we pity the poor fellow
and pray for him.
If we are paranoid, then Dear Lord would you heal us please and give us good mental health.
We praise and thank you for this
in Jesus name

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MessageHi Robert, it's been awhile since you post in your blogger, I hope you are ok, send me a line and let me know your whereabouts, Im really concern for your safety.
I'm a ti from jacksonville

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