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Private Message added 2017-10-05

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MessageHi HI

NameBetsy Lieser
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Messagei have been very interested in your polar bear lab puppies this past year. I have left messages and would love to hear back from you. I hear you have really nice labs and are responsible breeders. my friend has a could of your labs. Please respond-
thank you!

NameMark Fletcher
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MessageI'd like to discuss your process and upcoming available litters as well as costs. You have some of the most adorable labs I've ever seen and we are serious lab fans!

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MessageDownloads WEB Scene Music FLAC/mp3 1990-2017 Private FTP

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Private Message added 2017-05-01

NameKevin Bethell
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MessageWhat wonderful labs. We received our baby 15 months ago. We were so happy to see our baby Sophie on the new web site home page . Middle picture. See has grown into a beautiful lady. smilie

Private Message added 2016-11-05

NamePaul Payne
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MessageGood morning.

Love your dogs.

I have a wonderful female from T-Bar Country.
A few years ago I had two T-Bar County(male brothers) that were finished gun dogs that were stolen...

Noticed a Twin Ponds (Mona Lisa) in our (Peaches) pedigree.

Might she have be one of your dogs that Jan Todd used in her breeding program?

Our female is also gorgeous and very white...wonderfully put together with exceptional dark pigment.

I am an admirer of your dogs and just wanted to reach out and say (keep up the great work).

Blessings to you.

Paul Payne

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