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NameFrancesca Sologni
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MessageHi all

Russia, 10 months arrived yesterday in Italy
She has a good character and she is beautiful
It seems to live always here with us....
I would like to thank Milan and all his staff for professionalism and precision...magnificent!

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Messagei'm very pleased with the puppy and the puppy's quality is very good.the kennel master is very patient ´╝îhonest and worthy of trust.

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MessageI have a puppy from Q-litter great puppy also Milan is great breeder very on time & very knowledgeable & helpful , & he is on time with everything also he knows what to breed to have great litter , I'm pleased to know him

NameSophie Russotto
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MessageMy little Quiz arrived on 12th September, she is very great and full of energy. Thank you Milan for everything,you're a very good breeder. I'll send you photos soon. smilie smilie

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MessageJust purchased a gorgeous male pup from Milan. He is healthy and robust! We are very happy with him, and the professionalism of Milan. Thank you Milan!!

NameStephanie K Pease
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MessageI had been looking for a nice show potential female puppy when I was referred to Milan and his dobermans. I have to say I was a little worried about importing a puppy as we all hear the horror stories. Well, although I still worried I went with Milan as I absolutely LOVE his dogs. I have one of his Q litter females Quantenamara. She is everything AND MORE that I could have hoped for and looked for in a doberman. Milan is very reliable and when he tells you something it is so!!! I am very very happy with this little girl and I hope to make Milan proud with all of her accomplishments in the future! I am very excited to start my breeding program with this wonderful female. Thank you very much Milan for this awesome little girl. She and I will make you proud!!! smilie smilie

NameRoberta Greco
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MessageCiao Milan,
fortunately there are still professional people like you who work with love,
I wish all those who loves Dobermann to have One of your puppies.
My little Pride is really the dog that everyone dreams to have.
Thank you so much!!!

NameSharon Maxwell
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MessageHi Milan. I just received my precious little girl Pepsi today. I'm very happy with her. I was so stressed about her getting here and the long trip but you assured me more than once. Lol. That everything would be ok. And she came out of the crate a happy friendly beautiful puppy. She has settled in with no problems sleeping by my feet right now. I will send pics of her as she grows into the beautiful Doberman that you raise. Thank you for being patient and answering all my questions and making my first international purchase a success ! Thank so much!! Sharon Maxeell. (OHIO)

NameJennifer Denise
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MessageHello everyone,
I am writing here hoping to give possible valuable information to whoever is planning to purchase a puppy from the Di Casa Montenegro Kennel.
This was not my first doberman but definitely my first purchase of a "purebreed": as everyone can confirm this involves money, days and days spend researching blood lines and breeders, time, patience, worries, planning.... and everything is multiplied by 10 when purchasing a puppy from a different country.
I chose Milan based on how much passion and time he seems to have put in this dream of his, a breeder that is also a judge can have first hand experience on what is good and what is less good in a doberman. After initial contacts, I discovered the man behind the breeder and he turned out to be a reliable, serious, trustworthy professional: I trusted him and he believed in me, and the result of this cooperation is a beautiful, loving, healthy, smart and balanced puppy that now for few months already has been putting a smile on my face every single day.
Shows and competitions will eventually arrive later on.
I can say with confidence that if you are looking for a reputable breeder/reliable person, look no further: reach Milan and your dream will become true.

NameMr. Tour
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MessageI'm looking for a German brown Doberman dog species healthy boys

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