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The above message posted some time ago is a misunderstanding between the school management and Ida.
We have understood each other now.
You can continue to help Gambian children.
The Management Team.
St. David Nursery School.

NameAbdul Bangura
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MessagePeople of the world,
Things that you have given to St Davids Nursery School must be stop now.
It has all gone in vain please stop sponsoring to Mia. She has been using the name of St Davids Nursery School to make end gains. She makes calendars with the kids of St David Nursery School and teachers to make money for herself. The school does not get anything from her. Sorry to tell you that she is not honest to the school anymore. She infact did not tell us we found out ourselves on the website.
Please stop giving anything to this so called sppnsor Mia. She is a wicked woman want all for herself and nothing for the children of St Davids Nursery School who are so poor that they dont even have their own compound for a proper school building. For further details please contact these numbers,(+220) 7016479,(+220) 7353340,(+220) 9987579.
Many Thanks
The School Management St Davids.

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