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NameMelissa Thompson
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MessageGreat work you do!

NameScott Patrick
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MessageYour ears are probably burning while Gregg Burgard and I are discussing your outlandishly extreme creative mind and art.

I hope you're doing great!

Scott & Gregg
Rio Grande

NameRebecca Bogan
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MessageHi David.
Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Raven Ring! Fabulous and comfortable. I have gotten a ton of compliments. Thank you so much!!
smilie smilie smilie

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MessageI am glad for this super blog, I am pleased I detected this internet site on bing . In conclusion , allow me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I'm certain you have become aware this at this time ,), English is not my initial tongue so I am utilizing Google Translate to figure out how to enter what I truly have in mind to voice.

NameSchryl Cullen
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MessageHello David,
My Husband has one of your belt Buckles. He bought it over 30 years ago! It is wood , a dessert mountain scene, with inlay of mother of Pearl, turquoise, and made of Brass! He purchased it from the base there. He wore it for years!. The back reads Masterpiece Buckles and your Name! So I googled your name. He said it reminded him of UFO's He was in the Air Force. Nice to see the artist. Beautiful work you do!

NameBella Borgouise (Wirelicious Jewellery)
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MessageHello David,
I think your blog is wonderfully done and the jewellery you make is just stunning.
I would be interested to know if you use a particular buyer for your stones or do you have many different suppliers.
Where do you buy your Gold and Silver.
I am intrigued to learn more about this particular kind of jewellery making.
How long does it take you to create an individual piece like the crane ring/.
Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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MessageDavid, We met on Thetpoets and I looked at your web site and I love your art work and sculpture and jewelery. I agree with your viewpoint that specialization is for insects and that working in many mediums and venues breathes new life into each one. Rock on! A pleasure seeing your work.


NameDavid Lloyd Stewart
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MessageThanks for the kind words, David! I have actually considered teaching privately, as I've had a few inquiries. If you are interested in being notified of such, please drop me a line at my email address above ([email protected]), and I'll be glad to notify you. What are you interested in learning?

NameDavid Wurz
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MessageBeautiful work!! Do you teach also?

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I was polishing ear rings and decided to look up the person responsible for one of my favorite pieces to wear. I had no idea I bought something over 20 yrs. ago that belonged to a famous artist. I have a pair of brass ear rings with a rounded off triangle shape. They do look oriental in style. I have no idea what the cut out, negative spaces are meant to be. Looks like maybe an oriental symbol.
Do you recall putting your ear rings in a department store? Goldwaters in Mesa, AZ?
I receive interested and flattering comments whenever I put them on.

Thanks.............smiles to you and peaceful days

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