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Messagehello! i'm glad to see that this car is successfull all over the world. the "trabi", or like most german people say "rennpappe" [means something like "racing papers"] was over many years a little sign of freedom in the GDR.
- best wishes, smilie Rene/Rostock/GER
Messagei want to invite you to go there and build your own trabant!

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MessageWe are the proud owners of a 1962 P60 Trabant. Hope to see you all some day.
From Athabasca, Alberta.

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Nice that finally u Canedians can drive a Trabant! I own 2 Trabi's. 1 is from 1966 and 1 from 1973 in babybleu with only 10 tausend miles! If u want to know more about the "Trabi" just let me know. Its my hobby for 18 years smilie! By the way, this year its the 50 birthday off the Trabant smilie! Good luck with all your Trabants!

Greetings from Tim (The Netherlands)

Namehello from Poland
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Messagehello everybody.
Cieszę się że Trabant jest popularny nawet w Kanadzie. Szkoda tylko,że na Waszej stronie www jest mało informacji. Mam nadzieję że to się zmieni. Pozdrawiam serdecznie Wszystkich miłośników Trabanta smilie

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MessageGlad to see that even in canada trabant is promoted smilie here on romania this car is frequently the subject of derrision.common people are superficial and don't realise the practicality and ingeniousness of this simple car.they like electronic gadgetry that they don,t understand.Alienated cars, decadent design smilie .here in romania there are trabants left
Carry on my chap!
I'm into a VW transporter '64 , very deep into.. smilie

NameDon Armell
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MessageWhat a great surprise to find your web site. I was living in Germany when the wall fell, and I made it my mission to aquire a Trabi. As it turned out my '67 Trabi was the first Trabant ever registered with the US Forces. I later bought a '62 Trabi which I believe is the first Trabi brought to the US. A few years ago several good friends came from former East Germany to give my Trabi a two day makeover. What a treat to hear her putt.

Don Armell

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smilie smilie smilie smilie

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