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Namerobert lamantia
MessageMichael Bainton, I saw your message on the website, and I was on the ship at the same time when we hit the beach together. They used to call me Jake, I don't know if you remember me by that name. Do you know that we have reunions every year? A lot of guys from V3 attend. Do you remember Henry Levy or some of the other guys McGill?

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NameRoger Graves
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MessageServed aboard USS Randolph 60-61, when I was discharged after serving 4 years. Cruised the Atlantic with Task Group Bravo. Ck out my web page dedicated to the Randolph and the USS Albemarle AV-5.
I served as an Aerographersmate in the Operations Division' A great place to work, always was top side. Went through rough seas in '60 when we hit the tail end of Hurricane Donna. What a ride.
Loved the pride serving on the Randolph, a great ship!

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