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NameRobert H. Rayno LCDR MSC USN ret
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MessageI reported to the Randolph in July 1967 as an HM1 Navy corpsman. I inspected the ship for sanitation and environmental control. I loved being aboard. In September I was notified that I would be commissioned to Ensign Medical Service Corps on October 1st. From the mess hall to the ward room in one day. I was very proud to dine at the Officer's Mess greeting the crew that I knew very well from many inspections. Off to VietNam with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Danang to enjoy Tet. I love the Randolph, I'll never forget her or the crew.

NameKimberly Athie
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MessageMy Grandfather William Locksus served on the USS Randolph during World War II.

NameJoseph Regatts ABH3 V1 Div 62-65
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MessageI was 17 years old when I reported to the Randolph April of 1962. My tour on Rando sure made me grow up quick. 3 Med cruises, the Cuban blockade,#3 elevator fire, Quebec cruise and can’t forget the cattle cars to and from the EM club in Gitmo.

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NameT. Rewerts
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MessageForgot to put my e-mail address in my recent message. It is [email protected]

NameT. Rewerts
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MessageServed on the Randolph from 1961 thru Aug., 1963 in the "oil shack". Was onboard for Glenn and Grissom recoveries, Cuban block-cade and the collision. I was in the #3 boiler room operating the steam oil transfer pump when over the head set came the words "secure pumping, oh my god we're going over the top of the ship". (the one we were refueling). The Randolph got its share of "E" awards and the "enlisted" had a lot to do with that. I enjoyed my time on the ship! If you e-mail me I will answer.

Namelou austin
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MessageMy uncle, John Henry Price, Newville, Alabama served on the USS Randolph right at the end of WWII - I have the V-J Day Extra, dated Wednesday, August 15, 1945 bearing the headline: "Peace on Earth" announcing Japan's surrender. My uncle, like many WWII veterans never talked about the war or his service - I only wish that I had taken the initiative to have asked him to tell his story, but I have the letters he wrote to his mother (my grandmother) and three of the ship's special additions. Best regards to all that served aboard her.

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NameJohn R. Strickling
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MessageRM2 Served aboard October 1967 - Feb 1969 CR Divison

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