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NameRoger Graves
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MessageServed aboard USS Randolph 60-61, when I was discharged after serving 4 years. Cruised the Atlantic with Task Group Bravo. Ck out my web page dedicated to the Randolph and the USS Albemarle AV-5.
I served as an Aerographersmate in the Operations Division' A great place to work, always was top side. Went through rough seas in '60 when we hit the tail end of Hurricane Donna. What a ride.
Loved the pride serving on the Randolph, a great ship!

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NameTim Hess
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MessageServed aboard the Randolph in 68 was attached to the photo lab but never took a picture. Had to go mess cook before the cruise to Rio. was assigned to bring frozen food and many other items to the mess deck for cooks to prepare meals. Hard work we had to carry everything on our backs with the use of a nylon up a number of decks to the mess deck did not mind at 18 what the heck. Went to Boston with her and from there Roosevelt Roads for 2 years. Being on the Randolph and in the Navy for 4 was were the best times of my life. Great experience.

NameGeorge Connors
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MessageI served aboard the USS Randolph CVS-15 in 1963 & 1964 as a signalman. Would love to see pix of the Randoph to show my grandson. took my son to see Randoph being taken to ship yard after being decommissioned when we lived in Delaware

NameMichael Bainton
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MessageOn Randolph V 3 Div Jan 61 to Nov 62. Duty Station Hangar Deck Control, Hangar Bay 2 On duty night of the collision.

NamePaul Hutchison
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MessageServed in R Division from late 66 till after the Rio cruise in 68. SFP3 when I left.

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Private Message added 03-03-2017

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