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Name Matt Hayes
Date 2007-10-25 20:18:21
Message I just wanted to let you know that Mirage is a great book and that you did an excellent job carrying on the work of Asimov. I've read many of his novels, which is what attracted me to your book. I plan on finishing the trilogy that Mirage is associated with.

Name Myra
Date 2007-11-11 15:31:10
Message Hi Mark, Totally loving Mirage and can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy. I'm an avid fan of Asimov's Foundation and Robot series and I believe that in Bogard I detect a little bit of R. Daneel Olivaw's Zeroth law. Perhaps Bogard's design was somehow incorporated into the positronic matrix of either Daneel or Giscard? Yes, I am a complete Nerd, my children remind me daily ever since the incident at the star trek convention!

thanks for a great story.
Myra-farmington, MN USA

Name Secret Squirrel
Date 2010-02-09 00:41:21
Message interesting post about the teaching position. I myself am ABD - I simply stopped caring and never bothered to go the distance and defend.

Several years ago a friend of mine at one of the Big 3 local universities called me in a panic - they had lost their "associate professor" for a masters course on a niche subect. A niche subject of which I am considered a local "expert". They called me, I said "sure", they printed the syllabus and everything and sent me a huge packet of forms to bring in the week before classes were to begin.

When they found out I had never bothered to waste the the case of paper and $400.00 on robes, they summarily dropped me as "unqualified". Too bad for them, as they have yet to be able to fill that particular course's teaching slot. Apparently there are *no* experts who are qualified for their (abysmally poor) program.

Be proud you stayed away from schools. They only teach you to conform, not to think. There hasn't been a "thinking university" since CCNY became CUNY - RPI & certain areas of MIT excepted.

Name Donna
Date 2007-11-14 11:42:57
Message Hey,
I finally am taking a peak. So far, it looks good!

Name Olivier Narat
Date 2009-01-31 19:03:44
Message .

Name Harley
Date 2007-12-19 16:22:09
Message Mark,

I'm a bit younger than you, born in 1959 and found Yes somehow during the summer of 1973 or 1974. I was working at my uncle's grocery store (the Wydown Market in Clayton). One of my cousins had recieved Close to the Edge as a birthday present and it was an epiphany for me. By the end of that summer I had bought four or five 8-tracks of Yes from the local record store and brought them home with me to Pittsburgh.

I swear to God I had Close to the Edge playing continuously in my bedroom until my brothers decided enough was enough and smashed the 8-track. Reading your blog post about Yes (and devouring SF) was like reading about some unknown, almost twin brother.

Anyway, I have been listening to Olias of Sunhillow quite a bit lately and dreaming about writing a novel based on Olias. So when I came upon your blog post, and found out you were a writer, I wondered whether you had ever considered writing something springing from Olias?

--Harley Keisch

P.S. I've never read any of your books but I'm off to the library to see what they have.

P.P.S. You might enjoy listening to some of this guy's stuff (if you haven't already): /profile?user=chris21125150

Name chris
Date 2008-01-11 20:59:25
Message mark,
i just discovered your website, its lovely.
a few months ago i read "drink" and i have a question: does madrin intend to kill renard with a knife? because renard wont die since he is a vampire...
have you written a follow up story?

Name Josh Myers
Date 2008-01-14 18:42:15
Message Hello Mark,
I don't know if you will recognize my name, but you signed a copy of Compass Reach for me when I worked with your wife as a temp worker at Edward Jones many years ago. I'm about to be a father in rougly 1 week and I was instructed to give a list of books I need to my mother-in-law. They will give me something to do at the hospital next week. I recently re-read your book for the 5th or 6th time, and I was hoping that there are more books in the story. The link on your web page for the bibliography under the Bio didn't seem to be working. I hope you and your wife are doing well. Please let me know if the story of Fargo and Lis continues, or what other works of yours might be as interesting.

Name Tom Overton
Date 2008-01-23 11:44:02
Message Just cruising and found your page. It looks great


Name Virginia Brackett
Date 2009-01-31 08:52:22
Message I enjoyed your photography, Mark. I didn't know about this side of you! V

Name Valarie Shelton
Date 2008-07-29 03:56:03
Message Tiedemann,
Thank you for allowing me to be your guest. I had a blast. I am enjoying my copy of Compass Reach and look forward to reading your Robot trilogy.

I had no idea until I viewed your guestbook and updated website that I had been neglectful. I know that I will have something in the SciFi genre to consume with pleasure instead of the SOS.

I look forward to reading everything you have written thus far and in the future.

Name Maurice French
Date 2008-08-09 13:27:23
Message Just purchased "Have Robot Will Travel" from Amazon. Don't know how I missed it when originally published. More after I'm sure a good read.

Name jim
Date 2008-08-29 04:53:10
Message First read the Robot books and tremendously enjoyed them! Very exciting addition to Mr. Asimov's work! Then found and enjoyed Remains! Now, I've just gotten hold of Compass Reach! I can't wait to get into it!
Keep up the original, clever, and intriguing writing and we'll keep reading!

Name Michael Thomas Driskell
Date 2008-11-02 21:24:41
Message God bless you and greetings cousins! I'm playing on my PC, and thought I'd scope out your site a bit more. Damn Mark! You really make me grin. I'm so glad we could connect again. Really! Donna love, that's to you as well. :) I'm selling cars again. Chevys, new and used. This store does alot of biz. It's hard on me, with all the standing around between clients tho'. It's aliving.. Church goes well. I met and "led to Christ" the lead guitarist of KORN last month. He just stopped in and wanted God in his life. I helped to make the introduction. ;) He's staight and didn't know he was in a "gay church", as we are often called. That's God for you. He's the One directing the show. "Used Car Salesman leads Rock Star to Christ in a gay church!" What a headline that would make, huh? How's the folks? I will get a line out to them soon, prob. w/some photos of your visit and of the ancestors{copies}. How did your pics come out? I hope to see them posted. Well, it's Nov. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Love to you all.. Mike

Name Iulian Voloshin
Date 2009-01-02 23:32:45
Message Hi! just finished reading Aurora. Enjoyed it very much! Wonder if there ever going to be any continuation to the saga?

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