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Date 2012-03-02 11:13:09
Message HI. DAVE and the U17s lads
You know you can do it now show us on the board you can do it. You are the only ones that look like getting a bit of silver this year.O drinks all round when you win the cup.

TED and the board of directors.

Name Steve Duke
Date 2011-02-11 17:08:25
Message I've just got in from an evening out and was telling all my colleagues about what has happened at Merstham.
They were unaminous in saying it's a shame and that we should get behind the new manager, but more often than not in these cases there is so much more to it, involving people behind the scenes that we will never know.
What role does Paul Elsey have at the club now? Is he now more of a director of football? I think Paul should have a strong say in first team matters, he is a great guy for youth development and would bring through some kids who may be the future of Merstham.

Name anthony currie
Date 2011-11-21 06:50:44
Message Could not make the game on Sat,but a point from Maidstone must be a big plus.Okay people will say we where only playing against 10 men, but as we all know sometimes this can be harder.Could someone please tell me who this new player is and where he came from ?

Name Chelsea Mick
Date 2010-06-07 14:15:50
Well sicknote (only joking),although you did go down more times than Frank Bruno at times(lol), what can I say.
Craig Vernon, what a fantastic ambassador amd loyal servant for the club. I knew nothing about this until 2nite and was quite shocked to read that you are leaving us. I personally wish you all the best and thank you for your services to MFC and if it doesn't work out you know where we are, but I'm sure it will, providing you can stay off the treatment table.
You've had some fantastic games for us - my most memorable one being the Vase game against Consett when you were dead on your feet (just for a change), injured, played the last few minutes up front and scored the winner I believe, to send Moatside into a frenzy at the end of a fantastic 5-4 win. A fantastic captain's performance, never say die attitude and fight to the very end.
It is our loss and T&M's gain and I hope they see it that way aswell.
It was a shame you lost the captaincy last season, but I was more disappointed you had the penalty taking taken away from you aswell. That cost us dearly over the course of the season with so many missed penalties. I think I've only seen you miss a couple out of about 30 penalties during your time here, a phenomonal record.
That's about it I think, my own personal tribute to the 'John Terry' of Merstham, never say die attitude, a great leader and team player.
I wish you all the best for next season and the future. Good Luck.
Mick Morley

Name Richard Baxter - Hon Sec
Date 2011-02-11 12:16:18
Message In reply to the latest entries I wish to state the following and hope that this is an end to the matter.

Not at anytime on Saturday did Graeme utter the words " I am withdrawing my resignation and throwing my hat in the ring"

If he is under the impression that whatever he said amounted to this, then we misunderstood him. He did go on about staying and maybe helping a new man, but as far we (Martin Burr and I) were concerned he did not wish to carry on in charge.

On Friday he had sent me all the players contact numbers and I had already made moves to sign a goalkeeper, because of Ian Chatfield being injured. We had a game coming up on Tuesday and quite frankly could not dilly dally about any longer.

What should be remembered in all this, is that Graeme's position as Manager, was never in question despite some poor results. The process was started by him resigning on Tuesday.

We wish Graeme all the best for the future, but now we need to move on....

R Baxter Hon Sec MFC

Name Anthony Currie
Date 2011-02-11 09:02:02
Message I am the only person apart from Steve Duke that wants to know the facts behind GB sudden exit !

Name Ted Dawson
Date 2010-06-07 12:30:06
Message Is it true that Epsom and Ewell will be sharing our ground next season. I can find nothing about it on the Merstham website but Epsom's local paper, and their club site is fall of the news. If it is true does seem a shame that we have to find things out second-hand. Best of luck to all from the next season.


Name Rob
Date 2011-03-27 15:41:10
Message Kev maybe if the players dont match up to boults and craig then they would be best off elseware particualy as the new playes made so much differance and other players let there players go unmarked harsh very harsh

Name Steve Ottaway
Date 2011-02-21 07:01:45
Message To answer Rob`s question regarding Harry.....He`s staying put

Name Ted the Chairman
Date 2010-06-09 09:48:16
Message Supporters players, ladies and gentlemen. I am using the guestbook in the hope I can get some help at the football ground. there is a lot painting to be done in the changing rooms, in the public area, the rails around the ground, the dugouts, in the stand at the ALBURY END and a few other places. I have the paint. rollers brushes and what I havn't got I can get. BUT WE REALLY DO NEED HELP. Ff you can give me some of your time, I would be most grateful.
telephone 01737- 642949 thank you TED.

Date 2012-03-05 11:38:58
Message Brilliant lads iam sure we the directors will do our best to be at the final, and to drum as many supporters as we can get I am sure our press officer Kevin Austen will give you all the publicity he can,dont forget the more information you can give him the more support we can get, maybe a major sponsor for next season now that would be something.


Name Rob
Date 2010-09-18 13:43:54
Message Quote from Jim Cooper after today's game,'Merstham are a good side and like to play football'again first 45 minutes was excellent and we could count ourselves unlucky to go in 1-0 down,however we have got to start scoring some goals and cut out the usual silly mistakes,I still believe we are not far away,but having played Whitehawk,Leatherhead and Met Police in the last 3 games and Bognor on Tuesday,it does not get much tougher the league table shows that,however if we can put a run together which I believe we will,like Sittingbourne ( who we should have beat by the way )win 3 games in a row and all of a sudden up you go,keep the faith.

Name gary lomas
Date 2010-09-18 12:16:26
Message the boys were unlucky today,beaten by a very good side.the first half we played superb but were delt a killer punch right on half time when Met Police the second half we had our chances but they were too strong in the end.come on boys we are slowly getting there.looking forward to our trip to bognor next tuesday night.keep smiling mr banyard.

Name Roy Greenriver
Date 2009-08-07 09:57:58
Message Point of order there Mike, the Tanners started the game with just 3 ex Merstham players, though due to the injuries inflicted by the Tooting players may have ended with more. Hopefully we will meet in a competitive game this season as it would be nice to see what your first team look like.
PS No one I have spoken to at the Club bears Merstham any ill feeling and indeed we are looking forwrad to what I'm sure will be 2 good games gainst them this year.

Name Mike May
Date 2011-11-21 13:19:35
Message Hi chaps i'm Mike from Crawley Down just like to say thank you for your warm hospitality shown to us last Tuesday when we visited you, apart from the result a nice evening was had by all.

Just hope you can do us a favour tomorrow night and give our near neighbours and fellow relegation partners a pointless evening to savour.

Might even 'pop down' and have a look at them myself, look forward to the return and hopefully see you again the following season.

Must admit we did play well against the Hawks Saturday but just one slip and it was 'game over'.

All the best. Mike.

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