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NameBob Thomas
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Years Served with 240th AHC1968-1970
MessageLooking for E-Mail or Phone Number of Bruce (Newby)Henderson. 240 TH AHC 1969. Thank's Bob Thomas 850-336-1330, E-Mail

NameChrissy Jackson (For Bruce Jackson)
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Years Served with 240th AHC67-68
MessageMy name is Chrissy Jackson and my father in law, Bruce Jackson served in 240th ASLT HELCO Greyhounds from 67-68. I know he was involved in maintenance. He recently passed away last week and I am interested in learning more about his time in Vietnam. I also have 1000's of pictures and slides that are all from Vietnam. There are names and dates on them and I would love to share them with the rest of his Vietnam brothers. If anyone remembers Bruce please send me an email. He was originally from Akron, Ohio. Thanks and God Bless you all.

NameJohn Soares (old man)
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Years Served with 240th AHC7/68 to 5/70
Messagewas infused from 25th avn after a lot of requests had been turned down. Started in 2d pltoon. SFC Baaraconi sp was the platoon SGT at the time. prior to that I was at Cu Chi with the LRRPS. Flew the smoke ship (1 nite operation) then to guns, Rodriguez was the CE. flew with Masaki on 498, O.C. Hilton was the CE/gunner. I retired in 83 and consider the 240th the best unit I have served in, bar non.

Namemike fitzgerald
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Years Served with 240th AHC69-70
MessageHello to all the 240th AHC Greyhounds, Maddogs, Kennel Keepers. It has been forty-five years but the memories never fade of all the outstanding soldiers and pilots we had in the unit. I still correspond with Arch Ringgenberg, who was my first Cdr when i arrived in country and we reminisce periodically about our days at Bear Cat. All the best to each of you and prayers for those who are now flying in heaven. Two-Six

NameJo Ann McCarthy
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Years Served with 240th AHCmy husband 69-70
MessageThere's 2 pictures of 3 men on this website that you don't know who the tall guy with the glasses is. Im almost sure it is my husband, can't ask him cause he died in 2009. His name is Daniel G. McCarthy, he was a gunner in 240th assault helicopter company.
Please contact me at this email address I have pictures of him with his hand on his hip and also in the helicopter. He was awarded the air medal of heroism in July of 1969 in his helicopter.

NameJo Ann McCarthy
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MessageIm trying to let someone know that I think my husband is in 2 pictures that you don't know who it is. His name was Daniel G McCarthy. 240th assault helicopter gunner.

NameJerry Zeranick
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Years Served with 240th AHC68-69
MessageAs a crewchief and doorgunner for the greyhounds and maddogs I am proud to say that I served with some of the finest men I have ever met in my life. It is a humbling experience to be included with this group. I learned a lot about things like "REAL LEADERSHIP" starting with our commanding officer Maj. Overholser,and most of our aircraft commanders. and real cooperation from all the other flightcrew members who were willing to lend a hand when needed. It is with the fondest memories that I salute each of you. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me and I hope to see you at the next reunion.

NameRobert N. Cooper
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Years Served with 240th AHCDec '69 to Dec '70
MessageMy tour with 240th AHC was a great experience. An I think that it was the BEST Assault Helicopter Company in Country and if you check the record book you will agree. We are currently in the process of building a monument to the company at Fort Rucker, Al. If you were a former member of 240th and would like additional information, contact me at

NameRuth Ann DeAngelis
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MessageI am the daughter of Michael "Fat Chance" DeAngelis. After over 40 yrs of battling PTSD he is finally at peace. If there is anyone who would like to contact me, feel free. I would love to hear any stories anyone has to share.

NameHoward Lemcke
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Years Served with 240th AHC23Feb68
MessageI was a PFC with D2/3, 199th Lt & Sep Inf Bgd, who became Greyhound cargo that morning after I was hit by a few rounds from a light MG. Y'all came in under fire, plucked me & a kid named Thomasson, who didn't make it, & got us to the 24th Evac, Long Binh. I heard your door gunner got part of his ear shot off but I wasn't in a real good spot to thank him & the rest for saving my life. I just recently found your unit by remembering my glance of the Greyhound on the nose & doing some research. I've had 45, & counting, great years thanks to the 240th AHC, lots of doctors and others. I'm a medically retired Army PFC, finished college under VoRehab & grad school under the GI BIll. Even have grandkids. So thank you 240th, one & all.

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