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(My Genealogy pages haven't been updated in years....  Keep that in mind when viewing them... 
Posted:  4/18/2016)
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NameSteve Melton
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MessageI have looked at your work and want to search through it more as I am looking for a few family members. I am listed in the 26 th generation and do have several updates if interested.
Thank you for your work!

Steve Melton
Lexington, Ky

NameReatha Becker
MessageThanks for the genealogy research. I'm researching the Gravatt's. Can you tell me some of your sources? When you said John and Ellin were religious exiles, do you know any other info?

NameLinda (Dobbins) Johnson
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MessageI'm searching for info on Jessie Melton whose father may be Samuel Melton IV.

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NameKeri Melton/Blank
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MessageI've become interested in my family tree as of late. My grandfather is a Melton. Any tips??? I have no idea where to start. Keri

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NameDallas Wilcox , Dodds
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MessageHi Tara, My mother was Marie DiFede. Ruth's sister. Thanks for the information, I am doing our family also.

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NameRuth Gravitt
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MessageHi Tara,
I descend from Obadiah Gravitt and note that the lineage you have for him differs from what I have. I have him as the son of Charles Gravett and grandson of Henry Gravett. I wonder how we can resolve this discrepancy? I like your website. You are very artistic.
Ruth smilie


Just read some of your information. I believe you might have a wire crossed with Conrad Show. What actual proof other than a will that we have do you have this connection? Because the childern our wrong. Did you confirm this information? Email when you get a chance.


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