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MessagePhew by the end of July, OFCOM had agreed the NOV, qsl cards were on order so a site visit was arranged with the SANDS chairman to view the site and arrange the station location and aerial site.
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MessageWhen the group was formed Linda G0YLM one of our founder members suggested it might be an idea for the group to have a meal each quarter of the year to show our appreciation to our wives and significant others and it sad to report that due to the credit crunch and all that came with it we were forced to drop this idea.

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MessageWe are doing so with each contest and event and the learning curve is thoroughly enjoyable!

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NameBrian Otter
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MessageEnjoyed the article on the HRO etc. Have a preproduction Eddystone Bug which I found here in Zambia the second one !! Have an uncle living in Bare Lane Morcambe and spent many happy holidays there when I was a child along with my mother and father. Was last there about 13 years ago. Beautiful sunsets over the bay. Unfortunately I went down with a malaria attack and took 24 hours to get medication. I guess they do not see many cases of it in Morcambe. Hi. My uncle lived next door but one to a radio amateur now a silent Key but unfortunately I don't remember his call. but I did work him a time or two from here. Im
don't suppose I shall ever get back to the U.K.
again I am active on HF mainly ,almost exclusively cw.

73, Brian 9J2BO, G3TOA ex G8DGD, G4CGC

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NameTerry Kelly
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MessageI just downloaded your scans for the Sperti Astrocompass, Mark II.

I have one in its box in very good condition, and can't thank you enough for having the generosity to preserve and make available the manual.

I have used it with grandkids and their telescopes to show them how to locate the stars and planets, and to infer their position.

Thanks again

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