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NameCera Deisler, Owosso First Church Jr Hig
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Messagesmilie So Does Evan Have An Email Adress? I need To ask him something kind of important.?

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Messagehey johnny!! it was awesome to see you at believe!! i love your "we all have AIDS" shirt!! i am going to miss going to believe next year! by the way, you should get a "faithfreaks." its the Christian alternative for Myspace....and i think it is really cool...... smilie

NameTim Hedger
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MessageThanks for a great week at ciy, IL3... u guys rocked!

NameBrenton Thomas
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Messagei saw you at ciy illonis 3...i think that you guys are really tallented and that God has blessed you...i am a senior this year and i would love to come out of high school and college and become a worship leader.

Private Message added 2007-02-25

NameYour MOM, Jama Scott
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MessageJohnny, Looking at your updates of site. The beard is great. Now I know what to get you for Christmas...A big club...then you could be Paul Bunyon!!!! And please dont try to play Santa on Christmas morning...the boys already know the truth about that. And dont tell me your in a Christmas padgent with Jen as Mary and Joseph...we have enough grandsons!!!! LOL!!!!Hey send me the list for the boys. I need to finish my shopping. See you after Christmas!!!!

NameThe Ghost of CIY worship leaders past
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MessageHey everybody out there. I am the ghost of CIY worship leaders past. I have a piece of info for you. When in doubt . . . don't talk. Just lead worship and get off the stage. Chances are the guy coming up after you has put much more thought into what to say than you. Let him do it smilie

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