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MessageI actually thought it was Jason. I guessed he had bought a new Camera and wanted to mention an "in-joke" about camera and toilets.

Guess I was wrong.

I wonder how long until the others decide to randomly check this blog?


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Thanks Toni

I kinda figured it was you anyway... thanks for the update on the camera. The one I am hoping to get is a shiny yellow number...

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I accidently wrote your name in stead of mine in last post and can't amend, so here have another entry. Now everyone thinks I am a guestbook stalker or freak. Since this will be my fourth message in two days!

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Hi Jason
Well I think, as you can tell from my photos or maybe I am just so damm photogenic, they look good. I think it works great and you don't have to worry about dropping it in the toilet or almost taking it into the sea.
I am going to take it to La Tomatina - so hope it withstands the tomatoes.
I would recommend getting one, has heaps of cool settings as well. My favourite is the self portrait setting, its always in the right spot for the pictures picture.

MessageLooking pretty snazzy Mr and Mrs Clague smilie

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MessageCentral Africian Rep

Top five

1. Disneyland (always be up there)
2. Eiffel Tower (lucky enough to be going there in just over a month)
3. Leaning Tower (also going there soon)
4. Hollywood (to see the stars on the walk of fame)
5. Pyramids in Egypt (hopefully next year)

What about you?

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MessageWow, so you are going to Africa. I was all excited until I read about all the jabs and Malaria!
Well great to see the blog is getting revamped (again) might this be the third time! smilie
I will keep tuned.
Hope you are liking my stories smilie

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