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MessageWonderful website, how do you find all this information?I have read through a few posts on your website and I love your style. Thanks a million, keep up the great work.

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MessageMany thanks for helping people get the information they need. Good stuff as always. Keep up the good work!!!

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MessageТрейдинг для успешных людей! d2=

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MessageWonderful article and so needed to understand real time encounters vs what most think is fighting. Loved how you discussed the false security that can come from drills, particularly with a knife. Have taken notes and will pass your knowledge on to others I work out with. Thank you again.


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MessageИнтересное мнение smilie

NameRaymond Worth
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Messagethank you from Arizona for the info on tying the survival bracelet.

NameMarc V.
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MessageGreetings T.W.,

I read several of your articles. Didnt disagree with a one of em. This means you may actually be a reasonable man. This also means you probably dont make a lot of friends easy as most people dont like "reasonable," especially when being reasonable means actualy taking action or God Forbid...changing old dis-empowering thought patterns. Now...

where the hell is the complaint dept? I read thru your piece on how so many people in the country are quite stupid, I sent in my commentary to you, and now I want to read part 2. But there IS no part 2. Did they get to you too? Did the politically correct or the politically insane "make you an offer you cant refuse?" Please tell me there is a part 2. Anyway, nice to meet you. If your ever in this part of ther Antartica, we'll have to have a couple of beers. lol

I read the article on your Silat teacher. I was supposed to meet him this past saturday at a seminar he was doing in Miami. Never made it due to health problems. When you get to be 54, your body starts getting even with you. Wait till you get to be my age, then youll understand. smilie

Marc V.

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MessageThanks for all of this Mushtaq. "Long may you run".

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