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Welcome to the WeFightMS.com Guestbook ... Waves to Wine is coming September 9-10!

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MessageHello. And Bye.

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NameRobert Hayton
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MessageThanks for letting me ride with you guys this year in Waves to Wine! It makes a big difference being part of a team--and you guys ROCK!! smilie

NameMichele Ayala
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MessageHey everyone,

I'm a past rider and part ...and I want to get back in the game. Cabernet Club fundraiser (tho i think it was called something else back then). I'd really like to join a group in SF who is willing to bring on an amateur. Pls reach out.

Michele smilie

NameRobert Hayton
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Messagesmilie Hey Dunagan!
Well, Dude, I started off your fundraising with $100. (I listed as "Fossil"smilie.

I enjoyed meeting your wife on last year's ride and I am so really, really stoked that you remembered me from that VIP event 3 years ago.

They changed the $#@!% dates for the 2008 ride. Sigh. We'll be sailing back to San Francisco from Alaska that weekend, so I won't be able to ride myself.

Take care, my friend. There'll be another $100 donation coming your way, BTW. Gotta support my friends, eh?

Best of luck!

NameKristin Breshears
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MessageHey Meg and Rahul,
Great site! Hope you two are well. Still have a bottle of Cycles for your Dad in Houston...let me know how to get it there.
Now, Waves to Wine sounds like my kind of ride...keep me posted.

PS Team Cycles Gladiator raised $12,000 for our CHAMP Wade this year!

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