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DateNovember 3, 2013, 5
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MessageYou guys are awesome for creating this site! I love visiting it at every chance I get. Thanks for keeping this up! smilie

NameHassan Björnström
DateOctober 18, 2013, 1
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MessageGood evening boys,
I just went through your collection of von Gloeden photos to see if there was anything new. My career as a painter should be drawing to an end, but for me it's only just beginning. My passion is to do large colourful oils after von Gloeden photos, as well as Art Deco style portraits of the great Hollywood stars of the 1920s and '30s, a bit à la Lempicka.
My favourite cousin passed away last fall. Over the years he brought me French auction catalogues, and I've collected at least a hundred pictures of gay interest. Some of them by topclass names. I can't photograph anything good, so I've been thinking to send you the original auction pages and you can decide whatever you like to put in your museum. If you want to!
Some of my favourite YouTube contributors are Polish, and a few of my favourite singers of the 1920s and '30s are Polish. And, of course, the magnificent Madame Negri is a perennial favourite of mine and will appear in my work. I already have a Pola portrait almost finished!
Please let me know if you want me to send you the auction pages!
Best regards,
Good heavens, I don't know what verification code you want from me. I've changed my email code a few times, but here I can only type in a shortened version of it... So you probably won't get this letter...

DateOctober 7, 2013, 8
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Messagehello congratulations!!! your site is a bible for gays!! tks.

DateSeptember 20, 2013, 2
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MessageAny chance of having a transgender section? smilie

NameTom Gould
DateAugust 27, 2013, 7
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MessageThank you for doing this.. I did find some of the images disturbing in that they were not intended to be homoerotic and presenting them thus would insult some people- in fact, I was a bit insulted.. I'm speaking primarily of the Jain images in the Indian section.

DateAugust 8, 2013, 8
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I think this site was a great idea and it's very well organized. It deserves a better design. Please keep on your quest for homoerotic art! A donation button would for sure be welcome.
Thank you!

DateJune 23, 2013, 6
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MessageHello. And Bye.

Namedewitte jan
DateJune 15, 2013, 10
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Messagethanks for your sharing all these things of beauty

NameGeri Blatnik
DateJune 2, 2013, 10
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MessageI wanted to contact Gwen Araujo's mom, my husband and I watched the movie together. We wanted to tell her that the Lord is helping her thru Gwen.
I believe in Angels, and I believe Gwen is onen of them.

Many Blessings

DateMay 6, 2013, 2
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MessageThis museum, and your main website are both very inspirational... to a straight woman! smilie

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