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NameD'Michael Hunter
DateJune 23, 2008, 7
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MessageI fondly remember the Museo del Gayo and think I might have some of their exhibit archived away on disk. I'll make a point of trying to find it and get back to you with the results of the search. Am delighted and pleased with the results of your efforts in creating the HAM Museum. Kudos to the crew who put in the time and effort it took to create this great presentation of historical erotic art. Many thanks to all. David

Namerick mechtly
DateJune 7, 2008, 11
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MessageTruly blown away by all that you've assembled - nearly replacing Museo de Gayo !!! Actually better to visit (if I'm recalling correctly..) I will pdf a Robert Pougheon painting "the Dioscurides" circa 1939 - it's in a private collection // courtesy of Barry Friedman --- hope you agree it's a favorite example worthy of your site... rick mechtly

NameJuan Carlos
DateApril 9, 2008, 8
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MessageExcelente sitio
Es un lugar que hacia falta despues del desaprecido "Museo del Gallo"
Gracias muchas gracias por su sitio.
Juan Carlos

DateApril 6, 2008, 12
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DateFebruary 16, 2008, 2
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MessageThis wonderful,

realy I think so.

Thanks a lot.

DateFebruary 4, 2008, 4
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MessageHola: quiero felicitarlos por esta bella página, que demuestra el tiempo y el amor que le dedican. Creo que es un referente obligado para la temática gay, y que demuestra que siempre la admiración por el cuerpo masculino motivó obras maestras del arte. Quiro felicitarlos también por el recuerdo hacia el pionero MUSEO DEL GAYO, que todos hemos lamentado. Un virtual abrazo desde Rosario, Argentina. Sebastián smilie
GOOGLE TRASLATE Hi, I want to congratulate you for this beautiful page, which shows the time and love to spend. I think it is a reference point for gay issues, and that demonstrates that always admiration for the male body led masterpieces of art. I congratulate you also for the memory to the pioneer MUSEUM GAYO, which we all regret. A virtual hug from Rosario, Argentina. Sebastian smilie

NameHowie Dee
DateJanuary 23, 2008, 10
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MessageGreat job, guys. Very proud of you!

DateJanuary 17, 2008, 6
I am so pleased to see Africa here. So often we get missed.

NameMario Salvatore Manca
DateOctober 28, 2007, 8
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MessageNon so l'inglese, lo capisco poco, ma parlano le immagini. Certo, se ci fosse anche una traduzione italiana, mi piacerebbe, ma che ci vogliamo fare? Ciao. Mario

NameSebastian Moreno
DateOctober 26, 2007, 1
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MessageI am truly happy to see so much good artists joined to show the power of homoeroticism in art

Being myself and homoerotic painter, I always find inspiration in other´s' creations that give me the courage to keep working and expressing my self

I send you my hugs

Sebastian Moreno

wwww sebastianmoreno com

PS By the way, if there is any chance for me to display some of my work with you, just write me a mail

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