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Debbie and Sam

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NameCyndi & John
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MessageHave been following your blog every day or so and it looks like Elizabeth is thriving in your love and care already. She is a very blessed little girl! Will get together when you get home and settled in.

John & Cyndi

NameNancy and John Dixey
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MessageDebbie and Sam,

Have been following your blog since your arrival. The pictures you have are priceless and I can see "the Empress" really showing an adorable little personality. You waited a long time for this, savor every day!

Have a safe journey home and we will be anxious to see you all at your mom & dad's soon!

Love, Nancy & John

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MessageSam & Debbie,
We have all been following the details of your trip and anxiously await the next posting. It is great to see how she is blossoming into such a sweet little wonder in front of your eyes and thanks to your blog - in front of our eyes. You wouldn't believe how Rick, Charlie and Tom have also turned to mush looking at the photos. With all the oohs and ahhs, you'd think they were actually enjoying this! We can't wait to meet her in person. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to seeing the next posting. Congrats on your new family.

Private Message added 2007-08-28

NameSuzanne, Gary, Jenna and Jasmine
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MessageDear Deb and Sam,
We were so excited when we got back from vacation to get your e-mail that you were on your way to get baby Elizabeth. And today I talked to your Mom, to find out that the three of you will be home in only 4 more days. How wonderful. I, especially, am so happy and grateful that you are now a Mommy. Having know each other forever, and seeing how much love you have always had for all children, God could not have blessed anyone more special with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. All of us, and my mom too, wish you, Sam and baby Elizabeth the best of everything. I guess I now have to plan a trip to VA in the spring, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet the newest Apperson on one of your trips to Delaware. With much love amd Gods Blessings.

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MessageHey there Coach Debbie,
I'm so excited for you. I get more and more excited for you each day! If only I could be there. I wish we could so much! So; your staying at the White Swan? It's so wonderful isn't it? We stayed there; too; when we went there to get Olivia. I wonder if you have been to the Great Wall yet. We got to go on our travel group; that was before we went to get the kids. It was really cool! This one person made it to the top of the Great Wall! That's one on the 7 wonders I am so very glad that I got to be able to see! Enjoy the rest of your time in China; and have a safe trip home to Virginia!

NamePat Troutman

Remind me to show you the pictures of out girls with "Uncle Der" Please tell him that Leanne & Robyn Troutman are healthy beutiful girls and we thank him for bring us togehter.

PS - He understands english quite well...don't let him fool you into thinking otherwise!


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Starbucks? Mexican Food? She is gonna be Americanized before she hits the states at this rate. Joy and I have been enjoying the details of your trip. We have been briefing Jackson on the arrival of a new friend.

See Ya!

Namethe Kemp Family
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MessageDear Debbie, Sam and Elizabeth,
I am truly enjoyng your blog, The pictures are wonderful. You all look so happy, albeit tired I am sure. What an adventure to remember. I showed the pictures to Chris. He said she is beautiful.
He wants to know if you will be bringing her to swim practice. I hope so, can't wait to meet her!
Sue and Chris Kemp.

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Congratulations to you and Sam. Elizabeth (Pumpkin) is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your story with everyone...the pictures are great. Have a safe trip home smilie

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