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Date 2007-06-08 18:42:21
Message I would like to be notified of your next dublin gig, as I have listened to your music and would enjoy being at a live performance.


Mary Woods-James

Name Jon
Date 2007-01-19 22:48:52
Message Saw you with The Chieftains last night in Idaho Falls. What a wonderful show! Thank you for your vitality and beautiful music. Could you please tell me the meaning of the name of your group?

Name Lizzy Doe
Date 2006-08-21 17:42:29
Message Just to say the music clips on the website sound brilliant! Two friends of mine were at your gig in Ionad Cois Locha and they really enjoyed it. Looking forward to coming back to Limerick next term..!! from Lizzy xx

Name Marie
Date 2007-01-12 03:25:56
Message Hi Girls,
Best of luck to ye in Mericay.Hope ye have a ball. Come back famous!

Name Tony Larrigan
Date 2007-01-20 11:18:57
Message I will be in Milwaukee this summerto hear your band and I am looking forward to it . Tony Larrigan

Name Mick McCabe
Date 2006-07-24 18:33:21
Message All the best with the new CD ladies

Long live the Wednesday Club!

Name Jan Banis
Date 2006-07-28 05:48:46
Message Nice site (well done Mick ) and the MP3s sound great. Make it work guys!! Seeyalater...Jan

Name Adrian Brady
Date 2006-07-29 14:19:27
Message Fair play to ye s, ye look mighty and fine and for those of you who have never heard them they sound even better than they look! Fierce proud of ye, can't wait to hear the CD! Best of luck with all the tourin' and appreciation of the 'fine arts', go on Casey!!

Name Carmina Carmichael
Date 2006-08-02 06:22:12
Message Hey do you remember me?Let's Talk.....You guys are absolutley amazing.Well done with the web site.I love the photos!!!!!Hope all's well in 'the commune'.The weather is great here the days seem to get longer and longer and my tan is getting stronger and stronger !!!Surf's up you guys!

Name Tony
Date 2006-08-03 07:39:27
Message Hey girls, well done, fantastic website. The MP3s sound terrific, looking forward to the album in September!

Name Ailbhe Gunning
Date 2006-08-03 10:01:19
Message This is the most informative website I've EVER been on.EVER. EVEREVEREVER.It looks brilliant girls. Well done. I'll be namedropping from now on! The very best of luck with the album (not that ye'll need it!) Your No 1 groupie. X

Name Hazel Tuohy
Date 2006-08-06 16:26:05
Message Hi Líadan. Really enjoyed flicking through the photo gallery on the website. The craic seems mighty, keep it up!Best of luck with the album, and roll on september 23rd, the LAUNCH!!

Name Jenny Duggan
Date 2006-08-07 07:29:58
Message The website is fab girls can't wait for the CD launch!!

Name Deirdre Power
Date 2006-08-09 14:17:01
Message Love the website Hope to see ye while ye're in Tralee this month. Call to Killarney for a cup of cha. I think ye should take on Austarlia next, say bout November?

Dee Power

Name John O'Regan
Date 2006-08-13 03:53:48
Message Hi

Great website well done. Thanks for the chat yesterday and for looking for my mobile in O'Riada's. Will collect today. Hope all is well , love the album. Talk soon.
best wishes

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