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Nameterri Konst
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MessageHello Matt and family! Are you still living in Bangkok? We moved that family to NYC last summer and so far all is well. The weather has presented a bit of a challenge but we are adjusting to the layers and layers of clothing!
Would love an update. We think about our time in Bangkok quite often and would love to return some time soon.

Sam sends a sawadekah to Max!
Terri Bryan Samuel Maxim and Lydia Konst

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MessageWell done Matt. Excellent photos and blog. You did more in your (relatively) brief tour than I've done in 12 years here! - I really have to get out more smilie

Thanks for the reading and happy trails to you and yours.



NameLaura Monahan
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MessageMatt! Love the blog, love that I found you on FB! Looking forward to the next leg in your adventure!

NameKelly Jeff Ana Hugo
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We have lost your e-mail. And how the heck do I mail something to you? I want to send pics of the kids! They are so great. You guys look wonderful (all of you) and like you are having quite an amazing adventure. We miss you. Are you coming this summer?
K smilie

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MessageHey dude,
I came across your blog by chance.
I enjoyed reading your bloag on Thailand.
You make me miss home.
Where are you now?
I am in MN

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Messagesmilie Hey there Totsky's,
Been a long time, like since summer. Your blog is AMAZING, we really need to get ourselves out to see you all. Wishing you a Happy New Year for 2008, maybe that will be the year we visit. The kids looks great, Joe and Spencer say "hi". We hope you have nice Christmas too. Rich's folks were in for Christmas but have since headed home, all is good. Isn't it great about Jeff and Kelly, wonder if he'll look like a little Jeff. Ana is adorable, I hope you got their Christmas card, one of the cutest photo sets I have ever seens, what a happy, happy sweet little girl they have. Hi to all, running out of characters here! Much love, Rich, Michelle, Joe and Spencer

NameJanet Totsky
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MessageDear Joanna, Matt & Family:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year as we gather tonight at my house. Hope all is well; I note you haven't posted anything recent on the Blog.

Love, Aunt Janet smilie

Private Message added 2007-11-04

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Messagehey matt.

really like the site.
totally have travel envy.
holly and the boys are great!
hope the world is treating you well.
corporate america is driving me batty.

your pal, ex-roomate, and photo friend.

NamePatrick Iadipaolo
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MessageHey Matt,
Hope all is well. Your name came up the other day and I mentioned your site. In fact we're at right now. I'm scratching my head. I need a cigarette.

Be well and be sure to let us all(JWT) know when you're around.


PS-No I'm not in Togo.
I just wanted to see the Togo icon smilie

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