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Welcome to my guestbook. I hope you've enjoyed the site. Feel free to leave me a message or add any comments.

Serena X

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Name Andrew Dutton
Date 2007-02-19 09:21:05
Message Hi Serena,

I found your pictures on PBase and followed the link here from there. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your photos (one of the most impressive SE Asia travel collections I found having perused about a thousand looking for inspiration on where to go), but I gained most inspiration from reading your blog (which I think should become standard reading for travellers, bloggers, and aspiring photographers). Please keep it up - I just wish I'd caught it in time to nominate you for the Travvies awards.

I'm a professional photographer and occasional writer who needs time out, so I'm about to head off for SE Asia myself. I hadn't thought of visiting Myanmar, but now I'm hoping I'll get there.

I'm setting up my own blog to cover my travels and I'll certainly link to you from there. It was reading blogs like yours that made me choose to document my travels in the same way, and IMHO you've raised the bar somewhat.

I look forward to reading more of your views on life, travel and the Royal Mail, and who knows - maybe someday I'll meet you somewhere in the world. That would really be something.

Enjoy life and keep blogging,


Name Mersha
Date 2007-02-25 08:25:14
Message Wow very wonderful ever and I think your are the one
God presents you to this world to admire nature, people, animals, can I say any more. No that is enough. I have no words for you expressive enough. I would if God
allows meet you and tell you how much I am impressed in your photographs and
love you too.

Thank you!

University of Addis Ababa
Ethiopia :


Name Nate
Date 2007-03-02 16:19:10
Message Hi Serena - you certainly are a great traveller. What's been your favorite country of all? Hope you've been well since the overland adventures in Africa. Matt and I have been very impressed with your photos.

Name Morteza
Date 2007-03-18 13:13:40
Message Hi Serena
I am Morteza frim Iran.
I saw ur website and I read it , it was really fantastic.
I hope u choose our country for ur next travels.
Iran has many natural places that u can not find them easily in all other places in the world.
North of iran have a similar weather like france , in the middle there are deserts , in west it is cold and in south hot !
i am glad to see ur website.
Hope to see u here in north of iran!

Name the lone traveler
Date 2007-05-03 05:21:46
Message I have just come back from India..My experience was intoxicating. I was hurled from elation to despair and back again.I have learned a lot about myself. My father was also in the merchant navy.I always had the urge to travel.When younger I traveled Europe then USA. Marriage,mortgage,2 point 2 kids,and a partner who did'nt think much about traveling .Now at 50 something nothing is going to stop me. What caught my eye and hence this email is your trip to Cambodia. I am planning to go there early next year. I have enjoyed reading your diaries. Cheers and safe travels.

Name anand
Date 2007-06-24 10:42:24
Message Hi,

great photos!! - keep the good show going!!

would like to meet if you are in bangalore, india sometime


Name Yuko
Date 2007-07-20 21:20:37
Message Hi, this is Yuko, writing from Japan.

I was astonished to find your wonderful photos, especially for the one you took during your trip in Ethiopia. (I am very much attracted to Ethipian culture, and willing to visit there soon in future.)

If possible, could you please let me know the name of the monestary that you uploaded in this website (the one with a man on the horse, titled as "St. George"?) As your photo was so nice, I got so eager to vistit there.

Also it would be great if you could let me know whether you have further more photos for monestary paintings in Bahardar.


Name James R. Dewhurst
Date 2007-08-06 17:26:40
Message Supurb photos! It is time for R.R. from the "War Zone" in Afghanistan and I am going to Dive VIP, Sabang Philippines. I will be one of those 50's guys, without the young Philippine girl. I just want some peace, a cold beer and some great diving. I do admire your travels and can understand your rejection of the typical work, lifestyle. Don't be so hard on we 50-something guys; we aren't all bad. I wish you had written more on other sights to see in Puerto Galera and what the culture is like. No worries, thanks and peace be with you.
The Dew-Man

Date 2007-09-16 02:19:10
Message HI Serena. you taken up beautifull pics of my city bidar. I am in hyderabad on job and i will be ailable in bidar every week end saturday and sunday.
There are some more places in bidar which you had missed i think so. so if u r coming once again to bidar try to see those places i will send the details of those places to you.
or you can contact me at 919341004608 i will make arrangement forthose places like different gumbazs, gurudwara, nanak jhira,astoor gumbajs,basawakalyan fort and olden days mataps etc etc.

Name Jan Hack
Date 2007-11-06 10:44:14
Message Serena I love your work you are a very talented lady the camera seems to be part of you

Name dave
Date 2007-11-12 21:48:12
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Name Serena
Date 2007-11-16 13:25:26
Message Thanks for that, Dave!!

Name ajith
Date 2008-01-27 12:56:53
Message saw the pics, good, especially varkala

Name A Singh
Date 2008-01-24 17:05:52
Message great i was going thro punjab pictures..there was an offending title for a man who rides a bike...he is a Nihang Singh not a .$$$$$$$$$$ (as you written)..plz change that...thanks..

Name govind
Date 2010-09-14 08:41:46
Message lovely site, and i loved the pics; can i know the camera and lenses used? i am impressed by the clarity in your pics! Hope you do visit india again...


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