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Welcome to my guestbook. I hope you've enjoyed the site. Feel free to leave me a message or add any comments.

Serena X

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NameNigel Ritchie
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MessageGot this link from your pbase photos..
I think your little
"Dark Side of the Moon"
"Time" mention says loads..

You have a wonderful sat of galleries and will spend an hour or 2 reading about your tarvels..

Have a good Life..

Happy Traveling..

Nigel Ritchie..

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MessageThanks for your comments, Kate. Regarding Myanmar: there is some money that must go to the government, such as the visa to enter the country and entrance fees to national monuments (although you can with a clear conscience, try to dodge these!); however with a bit of care, you can ensure that the rest of your money goes to the people. By avoiding government-run guesthouses and travel agents, and travelling by pick-up or bus, most of your money will end up in the hands of the Myanmar people. The urgings of Aung San Suu Kyi to boycott the country are not universally held; many think that it will be harder for the country to develop in isolation, and that boycotting the country punishes the people, rather than the military junta. The decision to visit should not be made lightly, and should be made after researching the pros and cons of the matter.

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Messagesmilie Great website Serena! I feel I can travel vicariously through you by reading your tales. What is your opinion on the ethics of travelling in Myanmar? Aren't you just handing $US straight into the hands of the dictatorial military government?

NameRobert Santacruz
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MessageI am touched by your travel to the philippine islands,Im sure you had a great time. If you ever want to go back to the PI let me know, Me and my wife are planning to move back to the PI, You can stay with us for free. you can stay at the beach house at the farm if youd like, Rent Free also. There are lots of diving sites from the island i grew up from. I've read your travel logs, its good to know that you've enjoy yourself and my apology for those cons in the PI.
God bless and hope to hear from you. SALAMAT PO! smilie

Namewubshet mekonen
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MessageHey there Serena!

Nice to meet you! how is life going? where are you now? I was browsing to get some photoes of the semien mountains national park by chance i got your site. It is really wonderful to meet you. you are a great exporer. Traveling is my hobbies too. But I had no chance to be out of my country.

Big differnces b/n you and me.

I hope we can keep in touch.


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Messagehi... how are you krishan , 28m from udaipur, india...i like your much.. i do oil on canvas.. and have a art gallery at in touch with me...are you visiting udaipur.....take care ..lots of love...bye.

[email protected]

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MessageHello Serena,

I'm travelling India and stumbled across your site while looking for information on Pattadakal. I had to stop to admire your pictures.

I have little knowledge of photography but lots of enthusiasm and your galleries have inspired me further.

Best wishes

:: ::

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Nameerika belair
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MessageFelicitations Serena
I have been following your adventures since the dog bite in Jaipur and like your sense of humour and courage in coping with unforeseen situations.
Best wishes
Erika smilie

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