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Welcome to my guestbook. I hope you've enjoyed the site. Feel free to leave me a message or add any comments.

Serena X

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Namehayden barnie
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Messagehi serena

sweet photos! hey im heading to cambodia/vietnam soon, and im interested in doing the phnom penh - saigon mekong river tour that you did. can you put me in touch with that tour company?

many thanks


NameJohn Rogatski
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MessageWow! fantastic smilie

Namepurnendu banerjee
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Messageu r so goodlooking.
i'm purnendu from india (kolkata).
i have seen your site. very good.
i can give you very good information about. indian culture, pilgrime history. if u need.
u can mail

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MessageDo you know the contribution of your Government to the poverty and under-development of Ethiopia by installing "friendly tyrannts" like Meles Zenawi. If the colonial powers returned all what they have taken from Africa, Africa could have better roads and other amenities for its people. The human and natural resources exploitation continues thanks to the "friendly tyrannts" who are enemies of their own people.

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MessageHi Serena,

I just bookmarked your website. I love traveling too! I love your pictures and I think you write/tell stories very well. I came across your website looking for a Boracay Island picture - and there you are. Cool pictures. I got so interested in your work, I read your e-mails and seen most of your photos. Keep up the good work and good luck! Have you had your book published yet?


Private Message added 2008-03-22

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Messagesaw the pics, good, especially varkala

Private Message added 2008-01-24

MessageThanks for that, Dave!! smilie

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