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NameJeff Miller
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Referred byMegan Lynch
MessageMakes me want to grab a brush pen and run to a coffeehouse.

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Referred byGoogle
MessageI wnat to be like you, but the question is how can i start?

I am Frank A Ugah by name, I am freelance photographer with just (4) foyr years xperience, and i base in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa...

So i want you to give me just some ways out to concience people over here about photography...

I will be so Glad hearing from you.

Yours Ugah A.F

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Referred byno one
MessageI just had a look at "Behind the coffee cup" and and thought just how vividly every single picture conveys an atmosphere, which words cannot.
It has inspired me to take note of the common place things around me, which are generally ignored, but, on closer look provide great subjects for compositions.

NameAbdullah Sarangani
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NameChristophe Szpajdel
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Referred byThe Art Deco Society of California
MessageI had a browse through the coffee cup exhibition and i am amazed how much character Paula is putting in every sketches, drafting genuine pieces of life on paper in just a few pencil drafts, creating in no time figures than can be animated and express themselves. It is also impressive both myself and Paula had similar steps in our artistic careers, including relocations in different places of the world, sometimes long distances relocations and periods of crisis that in fact enhanced the creativity of both...but in a completely different ways. An extensive portfolio of my works can be seen on my Official myspace webpage mentioned above.
To conclude, i am truly impressed by Paula's amazing sense of versatility, covering all sorts of topics from Photography to handmade drawings...

NameLillie James
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MessageAloha its Lillie from the Artist Cafe. How are u?

Private Message added 2007-09-22

Namerena del pieve gobbi
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Referred byself
MessageHi Paula,

I hope things are going well now that you are living back in the States. I regret not being in contact more before you left BC. I was obsessed with work at the time and didn't socialize much after Anni moved. I really like your coffee house portraits. I enjoy their immediacy.



NameTrailukya Dutta
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