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NameJohn C
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MessageThese are the most realistic couplers out there. I love 'em. I thought Kadee #58's looked good, but Sergent couplers blow them out of the water! smilie
I love that I can run my motive power with the knuckles open something you can't do with the spring loaded Kadees, etc. smilie

John D

NameSteven E. Cerka
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MessageI love your couplers and I am using them on every thing I build. I'm having a problem uncoupling my passenger cars but I'm working on this and I will report my finding to you when they are complete. Otherwise beautifull products, they are spreading like wild fire at my railroad club. We will be ordering a bulk order soon. Thanks for your products and keep up the good work. Thank you.

NameRic Hamilton
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MessageLove them. Now I just gotta get rid of all the KDs. I'm not going back

NameMatthew Latham
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MessageJust ordered some more EC64's for my On2 Layout I am planning. It takes time and patience to assemble them. The first one did not come out well, so I am ordering more. I figure by the 5th or 6th one, I'll get the hang of it.

If you ever make an assembled EC64 like the EC87. I sure would but a LOT more. I love the color of the new EC87's. I would buy 30 to 50 assembled pairs. Even replacing the EC64's I built and will be building.

Also, I suspect you would get more On2 Modelers if they came assembled. smilie


NameScott Thornton
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MessageYour product is fantastic. The couplers look great and operate even better. I have always been frustrated with how difficult it can be sometimes to hand uncouple conventional couplers. Using the uncoupling wand is effortless! Your couplers make my small railroad more realistic and fun to operate. Thanks!

NameDon Allender
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MessageGreat looking and very inovative product. I'm sure I'll be ordering soon.

NameDarko Pahic Szabo
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MessagePerfect coupler for H0 - looks good and great performance .
Please make 0 scale version soon - for Proto48 and other 0 scaler.

Kind regards

NameLuis May
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MessageIf you want to improve the appearance of the Sergent couplers, give them a 'blackwash' to highlight the detail and tone down the bright finish. 'Age-it EASY' by Micro-Mark works well; diluted India ink should work as well.

NameMike Walter
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MessageThese couplers are perfect. They eliminate the last "giveaway" on a really fine model, the unnatural appearing model coupler. smilie

Now if these were only available in O scale. smilie The proto48 guys would be all over them, I would bet. And I would too.

NameStan Sienicki
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MessageJust a Great product! I have equipped over 700 pieces of rolling stock, and locomotives with the EC87's, and now I im converting some older equipment that have the molded boxes with your new EN87's.
I can honestly say that I have found the best scale couplers made, I am also converting everything over to Proto 87 Standards, and these couplers are the perfect compliment for it.
The non self centering feature is the best, it slows the operator down to operate more like the prototype, and I know first hand being a Locomotive Engineer, and having to make several joints from unco-operative couplers! it takes time in the real world, it should follow practice in the hobby.

Keep up the great work Frank,

Stan Sienicki

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