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Name Theresa Hardwick
Date 2007-02-11 00:42:54
Message Hi just stumbled across your web site and I was so surprised to see all the wonderful houses, they are really something special Theresa

Date 2009-04-17 08:28:54
Message Thanks for all wonderfull constructions.

It's great pleasure to visite your site.

It's a dream !

Name Kay
Date 2007-02-10 19:15:35
Message Wonderful work! I love how realistic all your items are! If you ever have time, please join us at We would enjoy the expertise you bring to the field of miniatures. Keep it up, it's a wonderful asset to the miniatures community!
Kay Brackbill

Name Lorna Gonzales
Date 2006-05-07 07:29:28
Message wonderful, wonderful, so realistic

Name Joyce Hawley
Date 2006-05-07 04:41:56
Message Wonderful, authentic buildings! They look real. I can hardly wait for my house to arrive!

Name Jim Vaughn
Date 2006-06-17 14:38:37
Message I was looking for examples of blades for an old windmill that I have for my model railroad.Your site was very helpfull. Thanks

Name Paul King
Date 2006-07-11 08:27:54
Message Unfortunately, I have no immediate plans for a trip to England, but I do have a project 'in the planning stages' here where I will be building miniature mills (amongst other constructs) on the river where I live. The photographs are very inspiring. The detail is marvellous, and I am awed by the efforts you have made to create these models.
Thanks so very much!

Name Theresa
Date 2006-07-25 13:08:02
Message Your work is wonderful. What is the smallest scale that you work with? Do you sell to the general public? Is there a mailing list that I could get on? I look forword to hearing from you.

Again, your work is wonderful. You were really blessed with such talent.



Name Brian Greeve
Date 2006-08-28 07:16:28
Message Thank you for allowing me to look at your models and gain a better understanding of a 'smock mill'.
I have of course an interest in wind mills and associated equipment for grinding grain.


Brian Greeve

western Australia, ( Hi Brian, glad you liked my models, regards from vic )

Name Sally
Date 2006-09-26 08:01:39
Message I am in awe of your work! Will you be doing any fairs in the coming year? Do you do the Kensington one in May? Think I may have spotted you there. Thank you for sharing and when I'm rich........ Hello Sally, We only exhibit at miniatura these days, You don't need to be rich !...... regards from vic

Name B. te Selle
Date 2006-10-03 16:50:25
Message I have seen a lot, but your work has that real mystic beauty.

Name Jan
Date 2006-10-15 12:52:02
Message I am the proud owner of a Merchant's House (the 7th to be built). It gives me so much pleasure and everyone that sees it, falls in love with the workmanship. I have found that every piece of furniture needs to be as stunning as the house, otherwise it takes something away from the beauty of the rooms. Less is more as far as furniture is concerned. I highly recommend Vic's work.

Name Julian
Date 2006-12-27 19:27:37
Message Awesome work! The colouring is especially pleasing to the eye. Why don't you write a book detailing your methods? Then we can all copy you ;)

Name Jessica Newey (Vic's Daughter)
Date 2006-12-07 14:46:14
Message Thought I'd add how proud I am to have such a talented father.. I'm glad to see my nagging for a dolls house all those years ago, resulting in my own beautiful house and shop (the prototype!) has led to the creation of so many more lovely buildings! I'd have them all if I could...

Jessica xxx

Name Ed Saxton
Date 2006-12-15 05:22:51
Message I think your models are are more than just models they are perfect,in detail, I do a bit of modeling I can appreciate the skills you have,thank you for allowing me to veiw your work.

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