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NameJames Foley
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MessageHi Dave, I found mention of your blog at the Cookshack blog...

I looked and read and like what I see, and agree with you. The Republicrats are running amok. My feeling is that it might take a revolution to set things back on an even keel.

I listen to Doc Savage every night... though some nights his melancholy gets to me and I have to go find something else to do. He is definitely a deep thinker. Next to him, I listen to Sean Hannity. I used to listen to Rush and do on rare occasions but he is too close to many Republicrats. He is definitely too close to parts of the cabal that comprises the AXIS of support for the illegal aliens (Big Business - go look up La Raza corporate supporters if you have any doubts).

NameJack Keaton
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MessageNice blog, brother.

By His grace alone,


NameClaudia Lee
MessageHello David! Nice job on the website. Remember, question keeps the thinking alive. Dogma is Amgod backwards...hmmm...just a thought that hit me. smilie
Keep you light shining brightly, it lights the way for others to follow.

NamePatti Spencer
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MessageHi David,

Your Blog is really nice, you need your name at the top of all your articles though so people will know who wrote them. I'm thinking about putting a section for other posts and if you want me to I'll put some of your articles up when I get time. You have some great ideas, keep up the good work.

Thanks for writing in my guest book at my new site too:

God Bless,

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MessageWelcome to my guests...sure hope you all sign in! Thanks.... Doubting Thomas

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